Delightfully Ordinary


I had a delightfully ordinary day today.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but my day went something like this…

wake up in my own bed

take the dogs for a stroll around the pond

make coffee

work in the shop till early afternoon

make pizza dough

take the dogs for a long run up one of the local mountains

stop by the store

work ’til early evening

make pizza

enjoy pizza

stop feeling sorry for myself.


i know, sorry…maybe that was too many details.  but, the point here is my day was nothing but ordinary, and it was truly delightful.  i am also trying to make a point of preparing myself meals while being home…and being without PB.  cooking just does not have nearly the same excitement eating alone as when you are sharing it with others. one of the things i am missing the most about not being in the methow valley this summer is being unable to cook for my favorite firefighters and friends.  i don’t mean to brag, but we can throw a pretty mean dinner party; and purely because i glean an incredible amount of satisfaction from feeding and sharing delicious food with the people i love.  well, my theory of wether or not i would be just as satisfied eating a good meal by myself proved to be true.  enjoy the following food journey.  i hope it makes you smile, because I sure enjoyed it!


untitled-4 untitled-5 untitled-6


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Doin’ the Snow Dance!

Be warned, this is purely for your entertainment purposes…and mine too, I suppose 🙂 !! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage IMG_1258I hope you laughed a little…because we laughed quite a lot!!  I cannot wait for more snow,  I am going to keep dancing like this every singe day until it comes (sorry neighbors!).

OK, a few things of note::

The shop will be open tomorrow…goodness gracious, I know it is about time!! It will be filled to the brim with beautiful functional goodness.  Keep your eyes out, as I will be adding quite a few new things throughout this next week.

We have had a slew of visitors here…what fun…and we will keep having a steady stream of people we love visit us here until we leave for Christmas…this is both wonderfully fun, but sometimes hard with my whole work to rest ratio thing. Balance though, right?!

Please watch this (thank you Erik!), you will laugh your keister’s off…again!

Also, we watched this film the other evening and it made me realize again, just how lucky I am to be leading this weird little life of mine with the man I love.  Yet another affirmation to remember simplicity and embrace life to its’ fullest.

IMG_1255IMG_1251IMG_1252IMG_1288IMG_1296IMG_1292Keep hoping for snow!!


This Little Forest Life


This Little Forest Life

Oh, you know

It’s the stuff of dreams.

A forested slope of chartreuse needles

backed up with the ebony of burn.

I leave my earthen berm cabin with a rucksack prepared for adventure.

Today, we will head West.

With the dogs in tow, we take the path of the sun

A path traveled often,

But an adventure so unknown.

One with footprints of Ponderosa, Douglas-Fir, Ceanothus, Elderberry, Bracken Fern and Ladyslipper alike.

One with scent of the lone wolf, hoofed moose, cinnamon bear, wryly coyote and perky dear, all the same.

I follow the footsteps of those layed before me.


I cannot say why

I will not tell you no

I follow my heart

I know the way


A way not taught,

but instead a rhythm of magic told by notion.

This little forest life suits me well, I whisper quietly to myself, at the base of my beloved Ponderosa.

One does not choose destiny, instead one adheres to living the life paved in stones of sediment and time.

This is my little forest life.



This Way to the Mountains

I took myself to the mountains.

IMG_3542IMG_3544It is where I belong.  It is where clarity meets serenity.  It is where peace becomes reality.  It is the place where I grow into myself, where the wild grows into me and where we become one.

IMG_3567 IMG_3538 IMG_3588This need for space and beauty is a blessing and a curse.  As the days draw to an end and I have spent far too much time on the computer or hunched over on my work bench, I feel a darkness catching hold of the freedom and lightness that I nurture within.  It is then, that I know, the time has come to step out of my earthen walls and walk out into the open.  To let space surround me, like water surrounds an island.  To be lost in time and present in the now.  To be reminded of simplicity and marvel at the wonders of wild.  To see chartreuse greens, golden yellows, earth hardened browns and snow whites in their truest form.  To stand beneath the Douglas-fir tree and remember what it is to live a life of service and humbleness.


As I step out of Tinctoria, I know I have come to the place my soul calls home.  This place of stark granite against pure snow-white.  The place where sage slopes into trees, trees slope into mountains and where the mountains meet the sky.  This upward transition draws my body higher and higher.  I am scanning the hillsides for treasures left behind.  It is shed hunting season and I am eager to find as many antlers as I can, so I can make items of beauty for you.

The valleys are so tight here.  I am reminded of how small I am in this world of nature.  Directly west I catch a glimpse of a deer herd grazing.  They have not sensed me yet as the wind is in my favor.  I try to sneak closer to snap a photo.  I quietly step through the sage filled slopes side-hilling in my favorite turquoise cowboy boots.  I have brought the wrong footwear on this trip, but I do not let that stop me from continuing on.  The largest buck just out in front of the rest of the does has sensed me.  He perks his ears up and extends his neck tall.  I do not even think to take my camera out as I am lost in the curiosity of his eyes.  He knows I do not belong here, but has not decided that I am threat, yet.  We stand there for a moment, each of us knowing the other one’s secrets.  Each knowing the world is different from what we think it should be and wondering to ourselves how much longer do we have here.

IMG_3606 IMG_3536


I met elk, deer, coyote and hare on this trip.  I heard owl and wolf as I fell asleep, bone tired and content, inside my beautiful VW in the evenings.  I gave thanks to the stars and the babbling river that kept me company.  I received solace and insight from Cormac McCarthy and Ivan Doig.  I found beauty in the history of the land.  I gave thanks to the people working and care-taking the land.  I honored what my spirit needed, and that is important.


IMG_3628 IMG_3625 IMG_3620 IMG_3619 IMG_3593Let the Wild in You Grow.


Pendleton Wool and Leather

Because wool and leather only get better with age.

Sunrise and Sunset: Pendleton Wool and Leather Pencil Pouch


Creek and Mesa: Pendleton Wool and Leather Pencil PouchIMG_3340

Enchanted Forest: Pendleton Wool and Leather Pencil Pouch

IMG_3315 IMG_3316


Desert and Earth: Pendleton Wool and Leather Foldover ClutchIMG_3342 IMG_3347


Creek and Mesa: Pendleton Wool and Leather PouchIMG_3365

Enchanted Forest Pendleton Wool and Leather PouchIMG_3372

The closer we stay to true form, the better it is for the earth and for us.  I truly believe leather and wool are superior products that only get better with age.

Materials of the earth.

Materials made to last.

Hand-crafted by me, for you.

Always remember:

Magic exists.

Let the Wild in You Grow.

Head West Earrings: Turquoise and Antler Dreams

These earrings are for heading West.

IMG_3293 IMG_3295 IMG_3298 IMG_3300 IMG_3304
To honor the grit within the people and the wide open spaces. The land fed by rivers as wide as seas, lakes as blue and clear as granite crystals and the sky after an afternoon rain.

For people who work from dawn til dusk.
For riding your Palomino-paint bareback.
For watching the rodeo with your girlfriends.
For being on the land.

These earrings are for doing all the things you do out West. The place habitated by people who are one with the land. A deep understanding of what it means to live in a wild place. The place where meeting a moose is just as likely as seeing another person. The place where the owl hoo’s and the coyote yips lull you to sleep. The place where you see the stars for miles on end.

Head West.

Happy weekend chicklets and blue-birds!