Delightfully Ordinary


I had a delightfully ordinary day today.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but my day went something like this…

wake up in my own bed

take the dogs for a stroll around the pond

make coffee

work in the shop till early afternoon

make pizza dough

take the dogs for a long run up one of the local mountains

stop by the store

work ’til early evening

make pizza

enjoy pizza

stop feeling sorry for myself.


i know, sorry…maybe that was too many details.  but, the point here is my day was nothing but ordinary, and it was truly delightful.  i am also trying to make a point of preparing myself meals while being home…and being without PB.  cooking just does not have nearly the same excitement eating alone as when you are sharing it with others. one of the things i am missing the most about not being in the methow valley this summer is being unable to cook for my favorite firefighters and friends.  i don’t mean to brag, but we can throw a pretty mean dinner party; and purely because i glean an incredible amount of satisfaction from feeding and sharing delicious food with the people i love.  well, my theory of wether or not i would be just as satisfied eating a good meal by myself proved to be true.  enjoy the following food journey.  i hope it makes you smile, because I sure enjoyed it!


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This is Summer

 Happy summer solstice, sweet butterflies! Summer always seems like this moment of long-awaited angst and excitement. Feelings exaggerated by a long cold winter, lack of sunshine, a wish to be surrounded by green and color, and just an overwhelming desire to fully embrace all the glories of this wildly beautiful earth of ours. I love summer, but if I’m to be quite honest, it’s not my favorite season…but it does house many of my favorite activities.


 I had a long day playing catch-up in the “office” yesterday, (I always use the word ‘office’ and  ‘work’ loosely as I still can’t believe I’m making a living doing what I love, as I assure you it does not feel like work!) and was absolutely ready to get outside when the 5 o’clock bell chimed louder than even the melodically shrill call of the red tail hawk.  I’ve never packed so fast…post office packages, mail, backpack, water bottle and zip…out the door…crum, forgot my shoes and keys, back in, OK now I’m ready.  We head east after dropping letters and packages at the post office, with no real plan other than just to be outdoors smelling and experiencing the myriad of life the sweet days of summer shares with slaves to the hills, such as I.  Everybody that encounters myself and my two crazy dogs on the trail always remarks on Ryley and Waylon’s exuberant disposition and insane zest for life.  These two LOVE to be outside.  They are lovers.  They love…love!  They are acclimated to the cooler mountain climate so after a climb to the summit, they were ready to hit the creek for a pretty serious romp.  We all stayed and splashed around for a good long while.  We met quite a few other dogs, Max was my favorite though….a Labrador and Great Dane mix.  I remarked at his size and commanding stature, as both my dogs, while very strong, are on the smaller end of size for their breeds.  Dogs bring so much joy to my life.  Do they also bring joy to yours?


After we were all thoroughly cooled off and delightfully refreshed by the fresh mountain creek water we made the drive back west and decided to spend the rest of the evening working in the garden.  This to me is the truest joy of summertime.  Gardening is the culmination of everything wonderful and delightful: sunlight, long and warm days, cool and crisp evenings, afternoon rain showers and the harvest to bring everyone all together.  There is nothing better than getting your hands dirty and sharing your labors with those you love.


Happy sweet days of summer.

xx, Hannah

Rounding out my 20’s

untitled-30 I’ve reached the end of the decade over here.  EEeeek!!  The honest truth is, it feels great…I feel great.  I sat in bed this morning, after Waylon our GSP came and got me up at about 6:30, just thinking about all the absolutely fantastic things my 20’s have held for me. This list is more for me…I always think if nothing else maybe this blog will be fun to show my children when they are old enough…but I thought it important, and interesting, to highlight a few moments of triumph.  So, here you go and here’s to hoping this last year of my 20’s will continue to offer many more incredible adventures!


-Meeting the man I would marry while studying abroad in the Himalaya’s of India

-Meeting so many of my still to this day best friends on that same trip

-GRADUATING COLLEGE…don’t underestimate this one…academia is not my strongest area!

-Leaving the city and moving to the country to live the rural dream…and never ever looking back

-Growing enough food in my own garden to limit our summertime monthly grocery bill to under $100 (well at-least when PB’s gone on fires)

-Learning how to can and preserve enough food for us for an entire winter…and beyond…with lots to give away as presents (don’t worry friends you will still be receiving relish and pickles from me this year) 🙂

-Holding and enjoying NINE different jobs before finally starting my own business


-Successfully hunting my first big game on our honeymoon through Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

-Learning how to fly fish and catching and filleting many a fish on solo backpacking trips throughout the magnificent western mountains


-Running my first marathon

-Seeing my photography work published

-Seeing my writing published! (This one seemed bigger than my photography, because I mainly write for myself)

-And, having an INCREDIBLE family and wonderful friends to share these places and moments with.

Have a wonderful day friends, and go ahead and do something extra rad…just cause!


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Road Trippin’ in the West…what we do best :)

I just got back from a super fun weekend of adventuring with my brother Eric Dewey of Desperado Forge and the lovely and talented Becca Skinner of Becca Skinner Photography.  These two are quite the pair and we had such a fun weekend exploring and hanging out under the stars together.  I was repeatedly reminded of how much love really can change the world, as I got to capture the sweet and endearing moments of their love blossoming.  I don’t often have subjects to photograph, and it was really rewarding to challenge myself in that aspect of photography.  I can’t even begin to explain how fortunate I feel my life has been lately.  These moments, these places and these people make my heart sing in notes of cosmic star-shining magnificence.

Here’s to always adventuring and I hope to cross paths with all of you at some point along my journey through life.



ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageBless the Wild West and all its’ beauty

Stay wild friends.







My brother and I spent this last week exploring an outrageously spectacular area of Montana in the Absorka- Beartooth Wilderness.


There is just something so powerful about being under a big sky.  We kept trying to qualify the feeling of space and enormity that this sky fills you with.  The word I could not keep from saying was…RIGHTEOUS…







Our days were spent climbing through the spruce forests,

stopping often to collect rose quartz chipped away from steps of others,

grazing on patches of wild huckleberries, mountain blueberries, thimble berries and salmon berries in plenty.


We both held an intense respect and admiration for forests emerging from rock.

The ability of lichen to adorn rock and tree alike.

Our days were spent admiring the aliveness of these mountains we were calling home.


IMG_7674IMG_7671IMG_7534 IMG_7533In the afternoons, evenings and mornings we communed with the fish.

IMG_7522IMG_7619IMG_7546 IMG_7614These mountains were alive with water.

The sound a melody of motion and power.

A rhythm of rock and a pulsation of life.

The lifeblood of so many.

These mountains were alive.

IMG_7605IMG_7563 IMG_7555IMG_7676



I guess peace comes to me from the calmness I harness from the mountains.

It is not a complicated relationship.

The simplicity of silence and texture of the setting sun, is a tonic I drink often.

I simply sit and watch.

An ease of mind.

An attachment to place.

A presence of mind.

A communion with the holiness of nature.


In the evenings we came together under the nighttime sky.  We collected our firewood and cooked our evening meals.  We laughed our kiester’s off at each other’s triumphs and failures in life.  We know each other so well.  We are bonded with our common love of nature and our desire to live a simple and fulfilling life.


This is us.

Brother and Sister.


Coming together to share in the aliveness of this beautiful earth of ours.