Work with strong hands and a true heart.

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To Touch Time

it starts at the beginning

you know, when the cosmic universe collided

making something from nothing

something into everything

i saw it with my own two eyes

and now i only see stardust and majesty

the type of majesty that turns tears into diamonds

diamonds into mountains

and mountains into time

as i stand beneath the unbelievable beauty

of a world hemmed by mountains and colossal magnificence

i know i have touched time

everything falls silent except the rhythmic beating of my heart

and effortless exhale of breath into glacial mountain air

an explosion of a million beginnings

all starting from this moment in time

it all begins here

it all starts now

i have touched time and now i know


To Touch Time Clutch

//Leather. Suede. Rivets.//
//Simple. Rustic. Lovely.//


Will be up the in the shop later today.

Cozy With a Dash of Classic

The Classic Belt Image ImageImage Wild Buffalo: Wool Infinity Scarf ImageImageImage

Head to the Forest Necklace Image Image ImageImage

It has been such a good week over here, peanuts!! I hope this weekend finds all of you well…don’t forget to do your snow dance…we could definitely use some more!  Any second now one of my best friends is going to pull into our crazy little driveway and I am going to run out, smother her in hugs, and feed her a delicious homemade meal of chickpea burgers, red-cabbage salad, french fries and pumpkin pie with vanilla ice-cream.  I can’t wait!!  Yee-haw 🙂


Blue Forest

This forest is different than the others. This forest is dominated by blue-bird skies and rich deep-brown soils. The animals look similar, you think to yourself, but when you look…really look… into their eyes, you sense something different. A magic of knowledge and wisdom. One gleaned from the earth and passed down from the generations. This magic is held in such revere to these animals and to these forest beings, its’ as if you can feel it, as it pulses through the air like a warm Chinook wind.

This forest is different from the others. This forest is an amalgamation of desert and earth, of creek and mesa, of evergreen and duff and of enchantment and wisdom. This forest holds all the forests’ secrets and desires, it is the all-knowing and all-seeing being. This is the place we all desire to come to….The Shang-ri-la. The place of ultimate beauty and lust.

Blue. Earthy. Woodsy. Organic. Raw. Simple. Natural. Rustic.