Work with strong hands and a true heart.

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Live the Wild Life


The old cliché ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ could not be truer than when comparing the happiness level index of money versus wild untamed lands in my life.  I just returned from a business trip through Wyoming and am feeling so incredibly empowered by the raw prisms of land and water that make the mark of a western landscape.

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I pull in late Thursday afternoon to the small town of Alpine, Wyoming.  A charming working mans town lying at the confluence of three great rivers.  My whole drive east from Montana, I’m forcing myself to not pull over ever 3.5 seconds to capture the wild edge this landscape teeters on between civilization and a primal return to the truest primitive notions of untouched.  Everywhere I look life shows its fangs of fight and struggle, but instead of flaunting its’ scars all you see is the most beautiful and delicate furs and gems.  One of my most favorite things about the western landscape is this dichotomy of grandeur beauty versus the true fight of remote survival.  Life in these areas is hard.  It is dirty.  There is grit beneath the fingernails of the rich and poor alike.  The use of land is just that, it is used…The land is the way of life.

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After slowly setting up my tent and booth, each handcrafted item taking its’ seat on the shelf marked ‘day___ in the life of Hannah Dewey’, I walk over and greet the other artists and makers with an eager excitement and curiosity of what the weekend will bring.  After a wonderful chat and a content belly full of summertime fare, I’m ready to find my spot amongst those whom I feel most comfortable with.  I find a place to call home under the stars and amidst the fir, alder and red willow above the commanding and very alive Grey’s River.  I’m too exhausted to do much else other than take a quick walk down to the river to wash my face in the breathtakingly cold snowmelt water.  It is like a jolt of 240W electricity when you splash true mountain water onto your skin.  The sting and stimulation are reminiscent of riding your bike through a windy thunderstorm, each droplet a small awakening and reminder of just how fleeting time truly is.  I meander back to Tinctoria, my unfailing VW travel companion and light up her two-propane stove burner to make a cup of fresh mint tea.  The invigorating feeling of fresh mountain water stays with me and I ride the wave of energy for a little longer, soaking up Brendan Leonard’s New American Roadtrip Mixtape.  I love reading about other people’s lives and the true account of beginning to reaching success, and this book is just that so far.


The next 3 days are a bit of a blur of hello’s…and thank you’s…and oh gosh’s…and no I did not know that…and phew, OK I do really love what I do!  These art festivals are an insane amount of work to prepare for and leave me a bit bone tired.  6 PM hits and I’m ready to re-commune with those who call the wild’s home.  I’ve found an incredible spot on the Salt River overlooking Palisade’s reservoir with a clear view of both the Salt River Range and the Caribou Range Mountains.

 I take a deep breath and fill my lungs with that pure mountain air.  Inhale.  Exhale.  And, I open my eyes to the true beauty of the world.  The splendor and wildly free presence that I try to capture and emulate in my own work.  I’m all alone tonight, with only the sound of my own heart beat and the rhythms of my neighboring river as company.  Not even a dog to snuggle up for warmth with.  I pack a small backpack and head down for an evening on the river.  The truth is I’m not a very good fisherman, but that doesn’t stop me from casting until the last drop of daylight sinks below this world hemmed by mountains and colossal magnificence.  Just like with any skill, fishing takes patience and practice to master.  I used to be self-conscious about being a beginner, but now I own it.  Even the fish respect me more now. 🙂

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I made myself a hand-tooled leather trout belt for my birthday and was testing my pretend theory that wearing a totem belt would make me a better fisherman.  Well, since I am a trained scientist, I really do not feel I can give you any definitive results yet, but I assure you, it is way more fun to fish in a handcrafted trout belt, than to not fish in one.  Fact.  A few bites and no catches later, I decide to continue on down-river.  The sun is setting over the great Rocky Mountains and the song of color mixed with the days experiences makes me throw my arms up in triumph.  I am here, I yell aloud.  I say it again so the big horn sheep sleeping on the mountaintops can hear me.  I bend low and scream it so loud it ripples down to the confluence of all three rivers, splits and delivers the message to all aquatic animals.  I don’t mind if the nearest human can hear me, I do these things for myself.  This place is me, I am this place.  The wild lands are my home; I feel the most alive right here.  I snap a few photos and watch the sun sink down behind the commanding high granite faces looming just beyond my reach.


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Wyoming was incredible.  The people I opened up to and in return opened up to me have left an imprint of love and truth down to the very core of my marrow.  But it’s the wild lands that wrapped their claws and sank their fangs deep into the heat of my beginnings.  I came and left the same person, but really…truly, I did not.  I let this place in and it has changed my person for eternity.  It is the elements of time that truly know right from wrong, and that is where I want my peace to come from.


A few other things of note:

PLEASE go check out Johanna Mueller’s work over at Feverish Art Prints and keep up with her here.  She in an incredible artist and an even more astounding individual.  I feel very connected to her work and am just in awe of the way she connects and depicts animals and life cycles.

I am now selling my work through MADE and Mountain Dandy, two very well curated stores in Jackson Hole, WY.  It was such a pleasure getting to meet and chat with the store owners Christian and John, who are both artists and extremely supportive of the indie arts scene.  If you are ever in the area pay them and their wonderfully unique brick and mortar store-fronts a visit.

I’m headed to Whitefish, MT over July 4th weekend, and would love to give more of you hugs if you happen to be in the area!!


Shop Update

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I know, what the heck…what has been going on in the making corner of my universe!!

I’ve decided to keep my Etsy shop closed a little longer than expected; as running around, moving and getting ready for a slew of shows and markets has not left any room for me to keep up with photographing and selling my work online. But, I didn’t want you guys to get the wrong idea about me; and think I’m just being a lazy bump on a log over here, and wanted to preview a few of my new pieces that I’ve slowly and tenderly developed over the last few months.  I also wanted to share my show schedule with you, in hopes that if you live in or near the area, that you’ll pop in and say hello.  Please do, I love giving hugs and telling awkward jokes (I only know three…well maybe four…so I won’t take up too much of your time 🙂 !!! )


June 19-22 Alpine Solstice Festival in Alpine, WY

July 4-6 Whitefish Arts Festival Whitefish, MT

July 11-13 Ketchum Arts Festival Ketchum, ID

August 2-3 SLAM Bozeman, MT

Along with the Bogart Farmers Market every Tuesday from 5-8, Bozeman, MT


Gallatin Valley Farmers Market every Saturday (starting June 28), Bozeman, MT


Messenger Bag




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Laptop Case


Journal Cover

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Toiletry Kit


The Classic Belt

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And SO many more!!!  Check out my new instagram feed for more regular updates, inspirations and shots of new products and the shows I’ll be participating in.  Feel free to email or message me on here if you have any questions.  I look forward to re-opening the shop as soon as my camera comes back from being repaired!

Happy sweet days of summer, you lovely wild irises!!



GIVEAWAY:: I’m a Woman Made of Mountain Strength


I’m a woman made of mountain strength

I’m a woman built of granite and grit, but able to move with grace and gumption

I’m a woman who lives for adventure, but desires the comforts of a warm fire and a hot cup of tea

I’m a woman who thrives on spontaneity, but plans the details of each trip to a “t”


I head out the door with nothing other than a rucksack on my back, a beanie on my head and a smile on my face

For the beauty of being a mountain woman, is the ability to desire and cherish simplicity

To put as little between you and granite majesty as possible

With each movement, with each step, with each reach, you know you alone have achieved greatness

The brilliance of being a woman made of mountain strength, is making the impossible… possible

It is rejoicing in solitude

It is the catch of your first high alpine cutthroat trout

It is the grind of leather on rock

It is the rip of nylon on a tree branch

It is setting up your campsite next to a golden alpine larch paradise after hiking 15 miles through river and scree

It is perching on a rock next to glacial blue water, simply watching the world exist in the silence of this mountains eve

It is the inhale of crisp glacier air, and the exhale of your dreams coming true

It is so much more, and so much less than un-f*ing-believably amazing


I am strong

I am beautiful

And I am capable of the impossible


IMG_2854 IMG_2859 IMG_2858 IMG_2856


This is a celebration of YOU, you beautiful mountain mammas.  You have made the impossible, possible for me.  You are all women made of mountain strength, and this poem and this pouch are a gift from me to you.  NEVER forget how loved and appreciated you are.  Never forget there is grace in every movement no matter now small or how large. Never forget how hard it is to get up after you have fallen, but always remember how good it felt after you’ve risen.  Thank you for carrying me through this first year of trial and triumph.  Thank you for believing in me and supporting this handmade vision I live my life by.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for being you.  All you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section and at the end of this week I will pick a number at random to receive the pouch.  Rest assured your pouch will come stocked with all sorts of beautiful goodies to accompany you on all your wild adventures in life.  Happy one year anniversary to Blue Mountain Thyme and wishing you all a year filled with wild beauty.  You have blessed my life, and I simply wanted to say thank you.


xx, wild mountain beauties


Congratulations to comment #22 eweigand.  Please email me with your address and I will zip your pouch filled with goodies right over to you!


Thank you SO much everyone for taking the time to leave kind notes of encouragement and love for this post.  You really have no idea how much it means to me that you support this vision I have and this work I do.  Thank you, thank you …and thank you some more.  You are all so appreciated, truly.


This giveaway is now closed


To Touch Time

it starts at the beginning

you know, when the cosmic universe collided

making something from nothing

something into everything

i saw it with my own two eyes

and now i only see stardust and majesty

the type of majesty that turns tears into diamonds

diamonds into mountains

and mountains into time

as i stand beneath the unbelievable beauty

of a world hemmed by mountains and colossal magnificence

i know i have touched time

everything falls silent except the rhythmic beating of my heart

and effortless exhale of breath into glacial mountain air

an explosion of a million beginnings

all starting from this moment in time

it all begins here

it all starts now

i have touched time and now i know


To Touch Time Clutch

//Leather. Suede. Rivets.//
//Simple. Rustic. Lovely.//


Will be up the in the shop later today.

Making for a Living

Have I told you about this incredible opportunity that I get to partake in?  Well, my younger brother, who is a very talented Blacksmith, is curating an exhibit of artisan makers in Bozeman, MT and I will be a part of it.  I of course am to the moon and back excited to be a part of such a talented group of Makers.  If you are in the area, please come over and check it out, I know it is going to be one heck of a party!


“Making for a Living” is a festival aimed at educating aspiring artisans about what it means and what it takes to be a professional working artisan. The event will begin Friday February 7th 11am at the Cottonwood Club. The festival will include demonstrations and talks given by a diverse group of professionals, ranging from leather working, to bronze sculpture. The festival will conclude on Saturday February 8th 7pm with an exhibition of exploratory work done by the involved artists.

Featuring:: Brian Esslinger-blacksheepcustomleather.com,Tanner Billis-Billisfineart.net, Eric Dewey-DesperadoForge.com, Ryan Mitchell-Gangbusterspottery.com, Hannah Dewey-bluemountainthyme.com and more!


Also, check out this video that the very talented Elliot Lindsey put together.  I can’t wait you guys, this is going to be awesome!

Cozy With a Dash of Classic

The Classic Belt Image ImageImage Wild Buffalo: Wool Infinity Scarf ImageImageImage

Head to the Forest Necklace Image Image ImageImage

It has been such a good week over here, peanuts!! I hope this weekend finds all of you well…don’t forget to do your snow dance…we could definitely use some more!  Any second now one of my best friends is going to pull into our crazy little driveway and I am going to run out, smother her in hugs, and feed her a delicious homemade meal of chickpea burgers, red-cabbage salad, french fries and pumpkin pie with vanilla ice-cream.  I can’t wait!!  Yee-haw 🙂