Idaho, population one

I know, what a silly title for a post…obviously there is more than one person that lives in the state of Idaho…who is this crazy lady anyhow?!  But truly, that is how I feel when I am out jaunting around in Idaho’s forever landscape.  I had this thought as I was on my way home from a backyard hike last night.  As much as I sometimes wish I could firmly put roots down in one location, build a home, and a community of people…I think I am destined to living this nomadic life of mine.  But, this wandering life has led me to so many amazing communities of people and has awarded me so many incredible opportunities to discover, explore and connect with countless amazing places.  Out of all the places I have visited though,  I’ve never felt so entirely alone and so completely alive as when I am out experiencing Idaho’s vast and wild landscape.  These lands echo with story of bone and stardust, of life and re-birth, and the hard work of grit glittered with grace.  Each time I venture out my back door I am completely overwhelmed by the incredible offerings of this sage sloped, creek fed and evergreen dotted paradise.

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IMG_5657letter writing

IMG_5688letter writing

IMG_5691letter writing

IMG_5679letter writing

IMG_5723letter writing

IMG_5708letter writing

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 Idaho, population one.


10 thoughts on “Idaho, population one

  1. I lived in Idaho for one year, and it was one of the most memorable years of my life. You have captured the feeling of the land just right. Simply lovely.

  2. I could almost believe there is a population of ‘One’, as I live in WA State, and never hear ‘anything’ in the neighbors to the east of us…(in Idaho). I always seem to hear things about other states…OR & CA.

    Thanks for sharing the scenery! I want to visit the Frank Church Wilderness now! {grin}

    Love your creative photos!
    ~Kris in WA State

    • I love it! These Idaho-an’s do have a tendency to stick to themselves. But why wouldn’t they, they have so much room to roam right here! I really hope you get to visit the Frank Church Wilderness, it will change you forever. Thanks for being here!

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