Sometimes I Do Things Just For Me



Late one evening, after a gloriously long skate-ski, sipping tea and just being happy.  I always feel guilty about doing things without the dogs or my husband, but late one evening I decided I needed to get out and burn some energy.  I drove the truck way up the hill and set out with nothing other than skis on my feet and a headlamp on my head.  I had the whole area to myself, and it felt truly so magical to be out in the dark of the night with only the silence of this forest’s winters breath.

Wishing you all happy adventures this weekend.

xx, Hannah


3 thoughts on “Sometimes I Do Things Just For Me

  1. Same here. I feel SOOOO guilty if I do not include the dogs. Or, as my husband calls them, the dog-children. every once in a while you just have to do something for yourself. Glad you found the time and place to enjoy the solitude of nature!

  2. good for you. i feel guilty when i work on things for me instead of making for the shop etc, but this weekend i did just that – sewing and knitting things just for me and not worrying about anything else. what good is being able to make stuff if you can’t make things for yourself? also, i’m FINALLY getting a skate ski lesson next weekend – so excited!

  3. Nice images of the event. Love the evening time photos. I need to use my tripod more to catch more of the action around here. this morning it would’ve been me breaking ice in water troughs and cleaning frozen pig poo out of our hog’s pen. 🙂

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