GIVEAWAY:: I’m a Woman Made of Mountain Strength


I’m a woman made of mountain strength

I’m a woman built of granite and grit, but able to move with grace and gumption

I’m a woman who lives for adventure, but desires the comforts of a warm fire and a hot cup of tea

I’m a woman who thrives on spontaneity, but plans the details of each trip to a “t”


I head out the door with nothing other than a rucksack on my back, a beanie on my head and a smile on my face

For the beauty of being a mountain woman, is the ability to desire and cherish simplicity

To put as little between you and granite majesty as possible

With each movement, with each step, with each reach, you know you alone have achieved greatness

The brilliance of being a woman made of mountain strength, is making the impossible… possible

It is rejoicing in solitude

It is the catch of your first high alpine cutthroat trout

It is the grind of leather on rock

It is the rip of nylon on a tree branch

It is setting up your campsite next to a golden alpine larch paradise after hiking 15 miles through river and scree

It is perching on a rock next to glacial blue water, simply watching the world exist in the silence of this mountains eve

It is the inhale of crisp glacier air, and the exhale of your dreams coming true

It is so much more, and so much less than un-f*ing-believably amazing


I am strong

I am beautiful

And I am capable of the impossible


IMG_2854 IMG_2859 IMG_2858 IMG_2856


This is a celebration of YOU, you beautiful mountain mammas.  You have made the impossible, possible for me.  You are all women made of mountain strength, and this poem and this pouch are a gift from me to you.  NEVER forget how loved and appreciated you are.  Never forget there is grace in every movement no matter now small or how large. Never forget how hard it is to get up after you have fallen, but always remember how good it felt after you’ve risen.  Thank you for carrying me through this first year of trial and triumph.  Thank you for believing in me and supporting this handmade vision I live my life by.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for being you.  All you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section and at the end of this week I will pick a number at random to receive the pouch.  Rest assured your pouch will come stocked with all sorts of beautiful goodies to accompany you on all your wild adventures in life.  Happy one year anniversary to Blue Mountain Thyme and wishing you all a year filled with wild beauty.  You have blessed my life, and I simply wanted to say thank you.


xx, wild mountain beauties


Congratulations to comment #22 eweigand.  Please email me with your address and I will zip your pouch filled with goodies right over to you!


Thank you SO much everyone for taking the time to leave kind notes of encouragement and love for this post.  You really have no idea how much it means to me that you support this vision I have and this work I do.  Thank you, thank you …and thank you some more.  You are all so appreciated, truly.


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31 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY:: I’m a Woman Made of Mountain Strength

  1. i love being connected with you….your photos, your words, your sentiments all lay’d out, in the forests and on the mountaintops.
    and *you know* i am still using my blue mountain thyme wallet and bags….


  2. It’s been a long while since we shared a conversation longer than the one this summer in Twisp, but I have to say I love following your blog. Your photos, poems and art, but most of all your perspective on life, are inspiring. Keep it up Hannah. I hope I bump in to you again soon in the Methow, or let me know if you come to Seattle!

  3. In August of 2013, I found your blog by a random pin on Pinterest of your earrings – “For the Nemophilist” – those earrings spoke to my mountain woman soul! Then a few months later you wrote a post that spoke to me again when I was struggling to make a major change in my like – “Live Life The Way You Want To” – I took it as a sign, made my decison and never looked back – I’m so much happier for it.. You work and your writing inspires me. Thank you for doing what you do.

  4. I knew you when you were just a baby. You have grown into a beautiful, talented and creative young woman. I love to see your pictures and read your blog. :o)

  5. Oh wow! What a beautiful pouch. I’ve never commented before, but I always read your blog. Your photos and words are inspiring 🙂

  6. The first words out of my mouth were, “How freaking amazing!” when I saw that pouch. Then I read the post. I’m so glad I found you on Flickr which led me here.

    Happy 1st Anniversary! May it be the first of many!

  7. Hannah, It’s Brandi (Jeremy keeps our blog updated), I hope you are in McCall next winter too, for your 1 year anniversary ski to Burgdorf. I enjoy reading your writing!! “The Mountains are calling, & I must go” ~ John Muir

  8. Last February I stumbled upon your blog, and have been a follower ever since. I love your photographs of the mountain country I love so much, your talent and wild spirit coming through each image, each lovely hand-crafted thing you make. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary here in the blogging world.

  9. Though now I live by the sea, your words, photos, and artworks bring me back to the mountains I have known and loved. Thank you, for being beautifully inspiring, and for sharing the window into your world!

  10. Congratulations on the anniversary. I love seeing your photos in my Flickr feed and enjoy your blog as well. Thank you for putting your heart into it. Inspirational. Motivational. Creational. Meditational. Mountain Lady.

  11. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I have followed your blog since the summer, when I first purchased one of your beautiful purses at the Twisp farmers market. Thank you for sharing your words and photos on Blue Mountain Thyme, they are truly inspirational to me!

  12. I am a sea woman…But I had a love affair with a mountain once…It’s something I look forward to repeating. Often.
    Cheers to your anniversary and You.

  13. Yes, we are all capable of the impossible and when it becomes possible or real, how good does that feel? Love your blog and so pretty pouch.

  14. Thank YOU for being here. Your photography, your words, and your handmade creations are all beautiful. Happy Anniversary on your blog and here’s to more wild mountain adventures! xx

  15. Beautiful work that inspires me to seek out inspiration in nature! Thank you for sharing your world in all its creative forms!

    • Thank you so much!! You are lucky number 22 and I would love to send you your sweet pouch as a thank you. Just email me your address whenever you get a chance and I will zip your pouch right over to you. xx

  16. thanks for sharing your words, pictures, & handmade work with us this whole year. i’m also inspired by your lovely parade of winter fashions. a lady after my own heart. looking forward…

  17. Gorgeous work – congrats on one year! I won’t add my name to the draw; your words are lovely but most assuredly don’t apply to me. Just wanted to give you one more yay! to keep doing the beautiful hand crafting that you do.

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