To Touch Time

it starts at the beginning

you know, when the cosmic universe collided

making something from nothing

something into everything

i saw it with my own two eyes

and now i only see stardust and majesty

the type of majesty that turns tears into diamonds

diamonds into mountains

and mountains into time

as i stand beneath the unbelievable beauty

of a world hemmed by mountains and colossal magnificence

i know i have touched time

everything falls silent except the rhythmic beating of my heart

and effortless exhale of breath into glacial mountain air

an explosion of a million beginnings

all starting from this moment in time

it all begins here

it all starts now

i have touched time and now i know


To Touch Time Clutch

//Leather. Suede. Rivets.//
//Simple. Rustic. Lovely.//


Will be up the in the shop later today.


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