Good Ol’ Fashioned Snow Days

It all started way back when…you know…when I was doing the snow dance :).  Well I kept on dancing and hoping and finally our snow came!

IMG_2140 IMG_2199

IMG_2200 IMG_2212





As you can tell, I LOVE the snow.  Boy-oh-boy do I ever love the snow.  Although it is going away fast with this crazy warming trend we’ve been having here in the west, I have fully taken advantage of spending as much time as possible out in it.

**I’m trying to get caught up on photos and stocking the shop, so I apologize for the influx of news that is about to come your way!**

Happy winter, snow bunnies


8 thoughts on “Good Ol’ Fashioned Snow Days

  1. It’s snowing here right now, and I’m struggling to make it through my (insert expletive here) work day, so I can go home and play!! I may leave early. Scratch that…I *will be* leaving early.
    Have fun, fellow winter lover!

  2. Lucky you! We had snow here in the desert last month….it melted and we’re looking at 60 degree weather this weekend. I fear the drought is looming again this year.
    Enjoy that snow while you have it!
    Is there anything more joyous than dogs running through snow?

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