My Home is Here…

…In these wild and beautiful places where my soul can grow and fly free.

IMG_2090 IMG_2094IMG_2102IMG_2107 IMG_2099IMG_2106 IMG_2089Every time I open my eyes, I have to remember to close my mouth and take a very very deep breath.  These places of immense beauty and expansive space never stop exploding my heart with gratitude for the majesty of the natural world.  Patrick and I are back in our little corner of solitude and are trying hard to find a rhythm to our days again.  I do not know if this happens to any of you, but after the Holidays I always feel like an overstimulated and slightly grumpy child.  This year was maybe a little more exaggerated than others as we had a solid three weeks of house guests right before we left for the Holidays.  We LOVE having people stay with us, and really, exploration is so much sweeter with others.  But the extended company, last minute deadlines and then ten steady days of celebrating left me yearning for some long days of solitude in the mountains.  We finally found the time to head out into the high hills and just kept climbing higher until there was nowhere higher to go…

with each stride came strength

with each breath came calmness

and with each glance came honesty

Whenever I need to feel grounded, I know a trip into the hills will help restore peace to myself.


I have been reading this, and am thoroughly enjoying it.

I cannot stop listening to these guys, but especially this song.

And, this is my new favorite tea from Mountain Rose Herbs.

I hope you are all well and enjoying the newness and opportunity that comes with the New Year.


6 thoughts on “My Home is Here…

  1. John Butler Trio is always on my shuffle, they reach me on a cellular level. I don’t know how far you are from Missoula, but they’re playing there in February. Such incredible talent.

    • Oh my, I just looked into getting tickets to the show and really hope we can swing it. Thanks so much for the info. I know what you mean, about the reaching you on a cellular level. I am utterly enchanted by their music. xx

  2. Hannah –
    Kent Haruf is one of my favorite authors. I met him when we lived in CO. So glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday season. I love you Hannah.
    Aunt Jane

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