Back From Being Spoiled, Overfed and Immensely Loved!

We are back!!  We had SO much fun with our families and loved ones.  These trips are always jam-packed with as much fun and as much food as possible, in a far too short amount of time.  Yes, we came back with overly full bellies, and an incredible amount of thoughtful gifts.  I will admit, I really love the gift exchange part of the Holiday’s.  Patrick and I take a lot of time to make everyone in our families useful and unique gifts.  For us, these gifts are a message and a keepsake of our love.  We are always showered with just as many (and often times far more) unique and extraordinarily thoughtful gifts from our family members.  In all honesty, I feel extraordinarily lucky to have people in our lives to spoil us, overfeed us and immensely love us…so, thank you! x0x0

Of course since life is all about balance, we had to even out all of our food glutton and indoor gifting time, with some pretty wonderful outside time.  The snow this year for us has been really low, so we opted for more hiking and exploration adventures this year.  One of Patrick’s favorite gifts was a new woodland axe, so naturally he wanted to go test it out.  We packed our bags full of thermos’ filled with tea, tin-foil potatoes and carrots, sausage and extra down jackets and headed out into the woods for a daily camp-fire and fresh air time.

Here are some of my favorite photos of our trip.  Happy New Year to all of you, and I hope your Holiday’s were beautiful and filled with love.

xx, Hannah

IMG_1899 IMG_1904 IMG_1907 IMG_1913 IMG_1924 IMG_1925

IMG_1929 IMG_1933 IMG_1934 IMG_1937 IMG_1942 IMG_1947 IMG_1948 IMG_1957

IMG_1959 IMG_1983 IMG_1978 IMG_1981

IMG_1986 IMG_2014 IMG_2011 IMG_2008 IMG_2004 IMG_1998

IMG_2058 IMG_2051 IMG_2047 IMG_2044 IMG_2019



9 thoughts on “Back From Being Spoiled, Overfed and Immensely Loved!

  1. Ah, sweet gluttony. I am a glutton for love, fun and food as well.
    I’m glad you had a good time with family. Is that wee puppy yours?
    Be well, lovely.

  2. Sounds like you found the perfect balance of food, family, and outdoor fun! Love the potato/carrot/sausage campfire fare. Do you add anything else to that? I’d like to try it out on our next trip up to Colorado.

    • Sounds like a fun trip coming up! The way I usually do the potatoes is double wrap (with heavy duty tin-foil) circular cuts of about 1/4″ potato slices with onions, carrots, garlic salt, pepper and quite a few chunks of butter so it does not stick to the foil. The key is to put the foil on coals instead of into the flame of the fire, so they roast instead of burn! Have fun, it is our favorite fire fare for lunch. xx

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