This Handmade Life

Well gosh, I know… I kind of missed the whole Holiday rush of gifts.  But maybe that is for the best, as I have had so much fun coming up with each of these new designs.  It is so nice to work when you can dictate the rhythm of making.  Spending days and moments nurturing ideas and designs.  I have been in the thick of supplying stores with very specific orders lately; and while I do work incredibly efficiently when producing a large order…I do really prefer to putz around and make as the cycle of energy and ideas flow freely. Image That being said, I know I have never really talked much about my background or where I come from in a design sense…[more on this later as I am a bit exhausted at the moment]…but, the fundamental idea behind Blue Mountain Thyme is living a handmade life.  I make items of beauty and function for you to use in your daily life.  This is a lifestyle that my husband and I subscribe to and something we really try to live and breathe every day.  While we accumulate items and unnecessary things just like anyone else, we really try to make and design as many items we use, as we possibly can.  When a project leaves our skill set, we go to a maker that can help us carry out a vision.  It is this interaction with the hands that make, that really gives an item history and longevity.  My items are not for everyone, but I really hope that when they do end up in someone else’s life that they remember that item came from me! Happy Holiday season everyone, and again, I am grateful and glad to have each and every one of you in my life.

Pendleton Wool Infinity Scarf Image Image Image

Spice of the Earth Leather Hip Belt Image Image Image Image

The Blue Forest Sleeps:: Western Sling Purse Image

The Blue Forest Sleeps:: Leather and Wool Pouch With Hand Loop ImageImageImage

The Great Granite Batholith Pouch ImageImageImage

And, so much more, go check it out!!


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