Doin’ the Snow Dance!

Be warned, this is purely for your entertainment purposes…and mine too, I suppose 🙂 !! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage IMG_1258I hope you laughed a little…because we laughed quite a lot!!  I cannot wait for more snow,  I am going to keep dancing like this every singe day until it comes (sorry neighbors!).

OK, a few things of note::

The shop will be open tomorrow…goodness gracious, I know it is about time!! It will be filled to the brim with beautiful functional goodness.  Keep your eyes out, as I will be adding quite a few new things throughout this next week.

We have had a slew of visitors here…what fun…and we will keep having a steady stream of people we love visit us here until we leave for Christmas…this is both wonderfully fun, but sometimes hard with my whole work to rest ratio thing. Balance though, right?!

Please watch this (thank you Erik!), you will laugh your keister’s off…again!

Also, we watched this film the other evening and it made me realize again, just how lucky I am to be leading this weird little life of mine with the man I love.  Yet another affirmation to remember simplicity and embrace life to its’ fullest.

IMG_1255IMG_1251IMG_1252IMG_1288IMG_1296IMG_1292Keep hoping for snow!!



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