Into the Wind

IMG_1154There is this indelible feeling of primalness;

as if the fangs of the beautiful gray wolf are sinking deep into the heat of my beginnings

A reminder that history is written and re-written

and words are spoken, but never forgotten

Have you ever visited the twilight prairie to see the rapture of a true plains storm;

the sight prickles your skin with a vision into the above and below all at once

As I step into the wind, time erases stone and I return to my roots

Boots grounded in the loamy dust and leftover duff that carpets our walkways

Soul made of all that is mixed and brought to life as movement whips through the four corners

I am here and nowhere else

Powerful and Bold

The scent of sage runs deep,

pulsing through my veins and enrapturing all that is good


Circling, spiraling; the centrifugal force of this earth is too much                                              I close my eyes and step into the sunset

Grounded and Whole

There is something extraordinarily magical about stepping into the wind

A reminder to stay true to yourself and that which you love

IMG_1213 IMG_1194 IMG_1188 IMG_1187 IMG_1186

IMG_1198 IMG_1153 IMG_1163 IMG_1205 IMG_1182 IMG_1178



Do you ever ache for beauty? As the blue sings into purple, the sky bleeds forward creating magic from motion.  As this day comes to a rest, the earth is always cycling to the next dawn.  I make my way home in the dark, wind-pinked and frost-nipped, I feel the wind has brought a renewed hope, a lesson of love and a reminder to let the wild in me grow.

IMG_1225Sending all of you some of that sweet scent of sage on wind.



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