A Really Happy Thanksgiving

IMG_0899 Patrick and I decided to do something a little different for Thanksgiving this year.  I realized we had not taken a vacation together since a trip to some hot-springs last April, so we came up with a plan to spend some real quality time together.  We thought about what brightened our spirits the most and how best to celebrate some much needed alone time.  Since we are both winter sports and wilderness enthusiasts our thoughts naturally tended towards adventures in the woods and skiing. Idaho has an incredible selection of Forest Service cabins that you can rent and ski into in the winter time.  I did a little bit of research and found one nestled just on the border of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.  We have never explored that area before, but after listening to my Father-in-law sing its’ praise in virtues of wild and raw beauty, I decided we needed to go check this place out first hand. It turns out this magical place is everything and more I have learned about from others, reading about it in books and watching it on film.

We fell in love with this place and we fell even deeper in love with one another.  I was working on a huge order from a shop in Montana, and was completely unable to help Patrick in any trip preparations as I was frantically burning the candle on both ends.  Without a peep of a complaint, Patrick prepared an entire homemade Thanksgiving dinner from scratch.  Our delightful menu included a smoked turkey, mushroom and spinach stuffing, french bread, roasted garlic and butter mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie.

I was blown away…truly, so grateful for all the hard work Patrick did to make this trip so special. As we sat down to enjoy thanks over a meal made with hands and heart, I knew I was the luckiest woman on earth.  I have a partner to spend a lifetime filled with adventure and love, is there anything better?


Poem by Unknown :: But I am sure we are related as we have the same thoughts!! 🙂

IMG_1072 IMG_0885 IMG_0894 IMG_0883IMG_0955 IMG_0942IMG_0932 IMG_0912   IMG_0947 IMG_0969 IMG_0963IMG_0956

IMG_0974IMG_0971 IMG_0997 IMG_1015IMG_1026 IMG_1024 IMG_1016 IMG_0994IMG_1022IMG_1040   IMG_1045IMG_1033 IMG_1053IMG_1028IMG_1061IMG_1077IMG_1080 IMG_1092IMG_1099 IMG_1102 IMG_1111 IMG_1112

IMG_1118 IMG_1125 IMG_1135 IMG_1144Happy Holidays, there is so much to be thankful for isn’t there?!



15 thoughts on “A Really Happy Thanksgiving

  1. It’s so nice to see you two so happy and enjoying each other in such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

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