Room to Roam

So much room to roam here.



IMG_0670 IMG_0701 IMG_0708 IMG_0717

IMG_0720 IMG_0649 IMG_0729 IMG_0645 IMG_0725

IMG_0678 IMG_0734

And countless places to wash your spirit clean.

IMG_0513 IMG_0408 IMG_0404

IMG_0429 IMG_0394

IMG_0523 IMG_0538 IMG_0459 IMG_0534 IMG_0525

We are off to the big city to run a few errands and watch the opening of Hunger Game’s…I am super excited!!!!  Do you guys also love Katniss Everdeen?  Well, I do!


9 thoughts on “Room to Roam

  1. The excitement is high here to see Catching Fire! Your little cousins are crazy for Katniss. We are going Sunday afternoon. Have a great time and let us know what you and Patrick think. Love you.

      • We were dazzled and blown away with how awesome the movie was – not let down for a second!
        Glad you and Patrick had fun.
        Happy Thanksgiving!
        Will you please let me know your new address? We have a little something to send you.

  2. What gorgeous photos. Perfectly natural hot-tubbing looks delightful.
    And while I would like to see the Hunger Games, I read all three books, and found them so horribly angst-ridden I nearly threw the second book across the room. Is the movie version better?

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