A Few Happenings

Well, gosh…there has been a lot happening over here in my little corner, as of late!  We are virtually settled into our new house here in Idaho; except for the once daily panic attack of not being able to find that particular something…you know…you are sure you put this something somewhere safe, where you would never forget where it was…and then you totally forget exactly where you put it…ahhh!  Yes, there has been a lot of that happening lately.  But besides being generally forgetful, the move has gone really smoothly.  We have been blessed with a steady stream of house guests and visitors here in our little country estate.  There is nothing quite like a house full of people you love to make your house feel more like “home”.  Thank you friends, you make our worlds whole and bright.  We are also tremendously blessed to have some of our best friends live right down the way from us, with a brand new little tyke.  I admit, I totally have baby-fever…and having this little guy around is not making my baby making hormones any less active…that is a fact.  (Sorry Mom’s we aren’t quite there yet…but soon!)  So, all in all, life has been really sweet here.

I know, I know friends…I did not expect to have the shop closed this long.  I also did not expect such a wonderful string of fortune to come my way.  I am so honored to be so blessed in life.  Here are a few highlights for Blue Mountain Thyme.

**  This past weekend a piece of writing of mine was included in the opening of Visions of Verse at the Confluence Gallery in the Methow Valley.  I wish I could describe exactly how proud I am of this accomplishment, or how it elates my spirit to be included in the arts world in a community I have called home for the last 5 plus years, or how I feel like I am finally growing into my own skin as a writer, an artist, and a being.  I guess it simply feels very, very sweet.  I am so thankful to Nicole Ringgold, a friend and an amazing artist and woman; and Linda M. Robertson, my old neighbor and a woman my husband has known since he was a boy, for accepting me and encouraging my pursuits…thank you.

**  Let’s just say I am shy…unsure of how to portray myself…or how exactly I want others to see myself or my work…So, asking shops or galleries to carry my work is WAY out of my comfort zone.  In the spirit of newness and growth (that is the whole reason we packed up our belongings and moved all the way out here to rural Idaho for goodness sakes!), I took quite a few deep breaths, drank a large Americano and trotted myself and all my wares over to the fabulous Studio 616 Gallery in Mccall, Idaho.  Well, I fell in love with the owner Megan, whose sweetness puts Southern Pecan Pie to shame and left with absolutely nothing!!…Nothing!! She wanted it all…I was to the moon and back excited…I mean it…on cloud nine…just super proud and really and truly excited about being involved in this new community of outdoor enthusiasts and eclectic artists.  So, thank you…I can not wait for our journey to begin.

** This summer I was approached by a magazine that was interested in featuring a clutch that I had made.  While I of course was incredibly excited, I also did not think too much of it, as it would be coming out in the Holiday issue…and she was asking in June.  I do not even know what I am going to eat for breakfast until I am almost going into hypoglycemic shock because I have forgotten to eat anything all morning…  So, you can imagine my surprise and elation when the magazine editor emailed me the other day and said the issue had hit the press and here was my clutch!

clutch.jpg** And lastly, I am again, to the moon and back excited to be a Getty Images Artist.  This summer I was approached about professionally licensing my photos through Getty, and I am so glad I did.  Some days I really do think dreams were made to come true.

Thank you guys for letting me toot my own horn for a minute.  Sometimes I think it is OK to celebrate hard work, and I really have worked so very hard.  Thank you to all of you who support me, your good energy is such a miraculous motivator.

Hugs to you, sweet lemon drops!


14 thoughts on “A Few Happenings

  1. Celebrate!! Wow! You have been busy and have accomplished wonderful things! We got to see your writting at the gallery. It was an amazing exhibit!

  2. You are amazing Hannah! Good on ya for celebrating your work and tooting your horn—you have followed your heart, worked hard, and you deserve all this goodness coming your way.
    You are an inspiration. Happy winter in Idaho!

  3. Congratulations on all these good things in your life… I love your bags and jewelry, but I especially love your photographs… they are always beautiful and inspiring. You must love being back in McCall again… it’s one of my favorite places on earth.

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