Find the Connection


It feels so good, when you can finally say, why.  This untold journey that I have embarked upon, has not come easily or without challenge.  The days unfold and continually present re-routed trails to the next unknown.  I am not without mistake or hard lessons learned.  I tip sideways, escape into darkness and lose sight of the goldenness of it all.  I add an extra skip, only to omit it later.  I fill the blanks with ebony, only to replace it with light.  I burn and itch and scream, until all of it leaves.  When it all leaves, there is nothing left but my beginnings.  I take my cold and prickled hand, I force it inside the scales that have covered my warmth, and I bring this beginning back to life.

It is this re-birth, this cycling of orbital suffering, that makes the why comprehensible.  The why does not come to those who do not seek it.  The why happens when there is nothing and nowhere left; except for rooting down and growing up.

Just as the great tree of the forest sinks its’ roots deep into the heat of our beginnings, I know I must do the same.  Latch onto the goodness and the wholeness of truth and light.  Stand in the heart of it and lose a revolution of sun and moon.  Do not awake until the cosmic entrance of knowing takes a hold of the rhythmic pulsations of your being.  Do not open up until you have synced yourself with this movement of life.  Do not tip or lean or sway, until you have connected to the why.

I open my eyes to the light of this earth.  I embrace the redundancy of knowing this will happen to me again.  Stone is hard, but lasts until the end of time.  Wood is soft, but knows the evolution of days on end.

Me, I am both ::

Hard and Soft

Warm and Cold

Light and Dark

Strong and Weak

Whole and Broken

How do we know one without the other?  I suppose, only the why knows.  And, the why only rewards the seeker.

To me, life is all about connections, and now I know why.








I am so glad to connect with each and every one of you.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend.



10 thoughts on “Find the Connection

  1. On en a déjà un peu parlé Hannah, de cette connexion…. ne faire qu’un avec ce qui nous entoure, faire le vide en soi, sentir qu’à chaque respiration quelque chose de bon nous arrive, prendre le temps de caresser un arbre, de sentir la terre, d’apprécier le vent…. c’est un luxe… peu de gens le sentent car ils sont trop pressés, trop dans leur triste vie…. le bonheur est autour de nous, c’est si simple.

  2. Breathe, friend. Breathe through the doubt, let it out as confidence. Breathe through feeling weak, let it out as knowing the love and support around you. Stretch out your hands, you’d be surprised how many reach back.

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