Country At Heart

Is it the wide open spaces or the star filled skies?  Is it borrowing sugar from the neighbors or running into a moose on your morning jog through the forest?  Is it a feeling?  Is it belonging?  How do you know where your heart belongs?


My heart belongs to the country.

Through and through.

It belongs here, because this is where it sings.




Yes, this is right where I belong.

Take Me Home Country Roads


10 thoughts on “Country At Heart

  1. It’s hearing owls instead of traffic in the witching hours. It’s digging my hands and toes into soil instead of padding down concrete. It’s reading books or penning letters laying against my horse instead of on a porch. It’s the quality of light, the breathe-ability of the air. It’s all of the things you mentioned, and so much more.
    Be well, beauty.

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