Never Stop Adventuring



A few evenings ago my sister-in-law and I decided to head high for a little adventure. Having her around more has been a very welcome benefit of the government furlough.  The two of us have a very easy relationship.  Honest, fun and very lighthearted.  The type of friendship that I subscribe to.  As we packed the van with the few essentials that we would need for an overnight trip, I couldn’t help but feel extraordinarily grateful for the warmness and goodness that true friends and family bring to my life.  Those blessings coupled with a setting with truly unrivaled natural beauty, helps me realize just how fortunate this little life of mine is.

IMG_9304 IMG_9312


IMG_9301IMG_9310IMG_9316A few things I have been so very grateful for lately::

my husband


true friends


the goodness and wholeness of blue

the effervescent river

river rocks

orchard apples

ripe tomatoes

great books

nature poetry

garden beets

simple truths

knowing goodness always triumphs over evil

nurturing a kind heart

speaking the language of truth

and, knowing a mountain adventure cures almost anything

IMG_9321Because when life feels like it’s a little too wild, it is best to re-connect with those simple and honest truths.



4 thoughts on “Never Stop Adventuring

  1. In a time of feeling quite pummeled, writing out, speaking out loud, my own list of gratitudes is a delightful way to put things in perspective. Beauty here, kindness there, a dash of hope and a heap of love.
    Here’s to keepin’ it real.

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