Coming Home

I spent five days in the city.  It was really, just so fun.  Full of family, friends, delicious food, thrift stores, shopping, walking, rain…lots of rain, snow and immense beauty.  I had a wonderfully grand time.  It is always very good for me to leave my safe haven here in the Methow, and experience the greater cosmopolitan areas neighboring us.  I did not take out my camera once while I was in the city.  It was very odd for me.  I think maybe it was because it was raining so hard and I wanted to keep it safe…  Or it may have been too challenging, too full, too busy…too something… for me to photograph.  Either way, I felt very content to take the visual stimuli of the city in through my eyes, to be processed by me alone, at a later time.

IMG_9220 IMG_9276I did however make up for my lack of city photographing, on my drive home over the mountain pass.  As soon as I hit a familiar spot in the road, I hopped out and clicked away.  It took me quite a long time to make the few hour drive home over the mountain pass.  I was so very grateful, for all of it.

As soon as something would strike my eye, I would pull the truck off the side of the pass, pop out, trot across the road and snap at any old thing I wanted to.  I felt myself again.  I felt challenged.  I felt alive.  I felt invigorated.  I did not mind the rain and snow mixture texturing my mustard sweater with sky mist.  I just wanted to be a part of it all.  I wanted to be in it.  To be next to it.  On top of it.  Side by side with it.  I sat on it.  Stood on it.  Let me fingers grace its’ scales and fronds.  I stuck my hand in it.  I washed my face in it.  I let it run through my toes.  I collected pieces of it.  I smelled its’ sharp and effervescent evergreen essence.  I breathed it.  I breathed it in so very, very deep.  It is a part of me now.  It always will be, no matter what happens.  That to me is one of the truest gifts nature gives us.  It let’s us draw strength from its solo and singular beauty.  Welcome home, Hannah, is what I said as I let myself be a part of it all.

IMG_9239IMG_9257 IMG_9233 IMG_9230 IMG_9229IMG_9244 IMG_9263 IMG_9248 IMG_9246 IMG_9223IMG_9265 IMG_9249 IMG_9265 IMG_9269I hope home is so very sweet, for all of you.



7 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Such wonderful words… as I read I nodded along… I felt just the same when we travelled to Wales recently. Although my home is ‘everywhere’ at the moment, my heart sings the most when we head to the mountains. Lucky, lucky you to live in such a beautiful place 🙂

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