For the Sage Dwellers Earrings



There is something that changes deep inside of me when I am amongst the sage
An enrapturing of earth and scent
An essence of animal and strength
A feeling that I really can be a part of it all.
I know a walk with the sage is a devotion to living this wild life of mine.
The land screams in tones of dirt and needle
The sky whips scent of blossom and decay
I stand strong in the middle of it all

Boots planted on rock
Soul grounded in soil
Beauty fed by water

The sage and I, we are not so different
Yes, we are both of the earth.





These earrings are for the sage dwellers, the ones that do not differentiate themselves from the landscape; but instead live in unison with the existence of it all. A bond of earth, sky, soil and water.

XX, wild sage beauties!


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