Some Time Alone

Because sometimes a long walk, a good book, a thermos of tea and some solitude in the mountains is just the best medicine you can take.

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A few things of note ::

I can not stop listening to these guys, I have become a fresh mint and basil tea addict, I am totally partial to braids over pony-tails lately, and I have decided to only wear cowboy boots for footwear until the end of time 🙂 !  This book is on its way to me, and I am super excited to spend an entire day in the hills reading it under my mountain sky.  Patrick and I just recently watched this film and I have decided I am moving to Mongolia, will live in a yurt, become a Falconry hunter, and will travel the expansive lands far and wide on my mini horse.

PS :: Stay tuned as I am going to have a Fall giveaway on the blog in the next week to celebrate the onset of Fall!!!  It will most likely involve flannel, some tea and a really good book!! You won’t want to miss out.



12 thoughts on “Some Time Alone

  1. wow…I don’t know how you found my blog, but I’m so glad you did so that I’d find yours in return. I read your stuff and feel like my mind was smudged with sage…good-ness. I’m f o l l o w i n g along now. 🙂

  2. a great moment in the wilderness, a great list of things to explore. that book is a good one – i have read quite a few of chris’s books; my mom has been to a few of her talks but i haven’t had a chance yet.

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