Two Women, Three Dogs, the Mountains and a Whole Lot of Flannel!

I just returned from a little mountain frolic with a girlfriend, her dog and my two dogs.  We had such a beautiful time together.  We hiked, ate delicious meals, fished, took photos, read, relaxed and really just enjoyed being with one another in the company of the mountains.  As I looked back through the photos from our trip, I couldn’t help but laugh at the outstanding presence of flannel.  Turns out our common interests of trees, mountains, nature, animals and food…also extends to our love for flannel!


IMG_8546 IMG_8556IMG_8658 IMG_8644IMG_8616IMG_8577IMG_8591 IMG_8587 IMG_8564 IMG_8563IMG_8668IMG_8684

IMG_8649 IMG_8611 IMG_8621 IMG_8654Needless to say it was an AMAZING trip, and I just feel so full of life after I return from the mountains.  I have one more big backpacking trip planned, and hopefully I can squeeze one or two extra small ones in.  I hope you all are getting out and are able to enjoy the woodland beauty of this gorgeous earth of ours.



21 thoughts on “Two Women, Three Dogs, the Mountains and a Whole Lot of Flannel!

    • It was a fabulous trip! Patrick surprised me with that flannel this last winter. It is a North Face one, and I have a hunch that you would be able to pick yourself up one if you looked!! I highly encourage you to do so! 🙂 PS- go itch those feet of yours, you deserve it! XX

      • That man has good taste! Thanks for the flannel tip, I’ll keep an eye out. Hoping to fit in a little wander this weekend! xo

  1. I would love to know where this area is?
    It reminds me a little of a place in the Selkirks in B.C.

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