For the Spicy Ones!




Because everyone needs a little extra spice in their day.

Oh you know… it’s like adding a little Sriracha to your curry fried rice. Something to remind you to slip your cowboy boots on, climb up that hill and watch the sunrise. Be out on the land. Warm up your body with the colors of the Red Mountains in Wyoming. Take pictures of the transcendent sunset on the Snake River over the Rimrock. Fly fish at that alpine lake on your day off. Ride your bike into town to meet your girlfriend for coffee. Let your pony-tail out. Take your horse for a bareback ride. Don’t wash your jeans afterwards and grab a beer at the bar. Put on your red lipstick and sit on your deck to experience the evening.

Be spicy. Be brave. Be beautiful. Be you.

Wake early. Stay up late. Live the day.




Made by me, for you…you spicy beauties!!



4 thoughts on “For the Spicy Ones!

  1. hannah, this is beeyooootiful. love, love it. also, thank you SO MUCH for the sweet birthday present! i owe you a letter, and it will get to you soon. love. xx

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