A Wild Life


I found this night-hawk on my bicycle ride the other morning.  He was just laying in the middle of the trail.  I picked him up, put him in my pocket and took him home.  I am not really sure why, I guess I just like to feel connected to the wild side of life.  I took this photo, examined his beautiful feathers, and then gave him a proper burial under the weeping willow in the meadow.

This summer has gone by so fast.  This life of mine is going by so fast.  I have so many things I want to do, want to accomplish, and sometimes I feel like time is slipping away, and I am never quite able to catch up.  When I held this wild little whippoorwill in my hands, I immediately felt grounded.  I felt my heart swell up in admiration for the life this creature lived.  A life so simple and so connected to the earth.  Each day a service of self and family.  Never taking more than needed and always fighting to survive.

After I buried this little guy, I made a deal with myself that every time I felt overwhelmed in life, I would remember the feelings I had, when I held him in my hands.  Maybe a fleeting gesture towards calmness, but a gesture all the same.  I hope your days are treating you well, and I can’t wait to catch up on some other great things that have been happening around my little mountain meadow lately.




XX,  and remember to unfurl your plume and ruffle your beautiful tail feathers every once in a while!!


9 thoughts on “A Wild Life

  1. Hello,
    I’ve had an interesting few weeks and it’s lead me to your blog; which I’m greatly for.
    It started with me finding a feather on my kitchen floor. I assumed the dog (Lily) had been rolling in the grass and brought it in with her; so I swept the floor and moved on. The next day my son finds a feather in the yard and brings it to me; it’s a sweet moment and we begin talking about birds. A day or two goes by and I discover a feather in a house plant as I’m watering. As the week goes on I can’t go outside without there suddenly being feathers at my feet. Another week goes by and my sons and I are still finding multiple feathers per day where ever we go. Family and friends are coming over for back porch dinners and their children are bringing them feathers from the yard; the adults are not assumed but I couldn’t stop a whimsical smile by this point. I suggested it might be a sign to my husband; he suggested maybe it was molting season for the birds. Then another week of this went by and my husband came home to find me in one of our flower beds filming macroglossum stellatarums that were buzzing all around. He watched me laugh and giggle as they zoomed by me and then from no where two feathers fell right in front of my face; he was shocked. Not one bird had flown over us. The daily findings and quanity continued to grow. The next night as I was leaving my pilates class I saw a man laying on his back under a park bench; many people just walking by him. As I began to pass him to get to my car he began to throw up while unconscious and on his back. I pushed him over on his side and called the paramedics. I crawled half under the bench and kept trying to wake the unconscious man as paramedics arrived. Two firemen grabbed the mans legs and pulled him out from under the bench (that woke him up!!). I was still under the bench when they pulled him out and I was left in a pool of vodka and vomit (I already smelled of sweat from working out) starring at 3 more feathers. At this point I was stunned; I began thinking even though I had never been a bird person that I needed to adopt the feather as a totem for myself. I drove straight home and began Googling feathers, feather totems and the meanings of feathers. Your blog somehow came up as number 7 (my favorite number) so I began to read the story of the bird you found and it really touched me. I remembered burying a baby fox when I was 20 years old and the show of gratitude from the fox’s mother. I started reading about more of adventures and I soon missed being close to nature as I once was and longed to be back in my small mountain town.
    I know this post is long and I apologize for that…I’m gifted with the ability to babble even in typing. I wanted to thank you for sharing your stories and your heart with your loved ones and those you don’t know. You’ve helped me remember what is really important to me. Thank you.
    Jenny Bonfiglio

    • Jenny,

      I am both honored and touched that you shared your beautiful story with me. I really believe there is a bit of magic in feathers. However you want that magic to manifest itself in your life, is your own understanding and choice…but still a magical little gift from nature. I’m so glad we found each other and even happier that you took the time to share and connect. What a beautiful world we live in, to have the opportunity to relate and connect with total strangers. You have a wonderful gift for writing and story telling. Thank you!! XX, Hannah

      • Good evening Hannah,
        this weekend with a little birthday money and some girlfriends in tow 8 went to a local handmade art fair in Boulder CO; there were many talented people at the event. I saw some vendors who had metal feathers or feathers with skulls to hang from your car visor but that didn’t really appealed to me. I left with only a new collar for my dog, Lily! I’ve seen a belt and some earrings on your blog made from leather with mountains or trees that you’ve carved and or painted. I’m wondering if you have anything with feathers?!

        I hope you’ve enjoyed had some time to explore and enjoy the weekend.

        Jenny Bonfiglio

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