IMG_7789As I sit and think about a life lived well, the first thought on my mind is always, connection.  A connection to the land, to self and to all the cycles that collide and participate together in a cosmically bizarre and beautiful way.  This evening I have climbed up one of my favorite mountains.  I stop partway up just simply to sit and be for a minute.  I have never stopped here before and am excited about the tipping of the sun over the western Sawtooth range.  As I settle in, I close my eyes to see things more clearly.  I shiver and rub my goose pimpled legs as the mountain breeze whirls around the granite boulder I have perched upon.  The air is stiff with scent of storm and earth.  A smell that aches in desire of relief and a feral yearning to roll ones self in the scent of it all.  Just one step closer to that wild connection.

I notice a shift in the wind as my loosely braided hair whips around my sun kissed face and neck.

A taste of salt and soil.

Of day and night.

A waxing and waning of sorts, as the days highs and lows puzzle their way through my mind.  I decide to set those thoughts free, as tonight I want to be free to float, as if I am a traveling seed pod simply riding on the current of wind and spirit.

The clouds are dark and stormy.

Fast moving and dense with motion and power.

Nature desires release.

As saturation is reached, a down pour occurs.

Energy moves from high to low.

Trees grow from small to tall.

The sun travels east to west.

The sky is free to be.

Purple, yellow, orange and blue.

I think about painting the transition of sky over mountain tops when I return home to my little mountain meadow.  I sense the clouds shifting overhead and think it is time to finish the climb to the top.  I decide I have to go up, before I can return back down.  The last bit to the top of the mountain is lost as a rhythmic habit of footsteps.  My mind is caught on the play of three birds in this stormy sky.  These animals are connected to one another and to the land.  A connection intrinsically one with survival and life.  I then realize, just how similar we all really are.  It is all one can really hope for, is a life lived well.

A life connected to the land.

To each other.

And, to the greater good.


IMG_7784IMG_7843 IMG_7858IMG_7815 IMG_7819Happy Sunday.



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