My brother and I spent this last week exploring an outrageously spectacular area of Montana in the Absorka- Beartooth Wilderness.


There is just something so powerful about being under a big sky.  We kept trying to qualify the feeling of space and enormity that this sky fills you with.  The word I could not keep from saying was…RIGHTEOUS…







Our days were spent climbing through the spruce forests,

stopping often to collect rose quartz chipped away from steps of others,

grazing on patches of wild huckleberries, mountain blueberries, thimble berries and salmon berries in plenty.


We both held an intense respect and admiration for forests emerging from rock.

The ability of lichen to adorn rock and tree alike.

Our days were spent admiring the aliveness of these mountains we were calling home.


IMG_7674IMG_7671IMG_7534 IMG_7533In the afternoons, evenings and mornings we communed with the fish.

IMG_7522IMG_7619IMG_7546 IMG_7614These mountains were alive with water.

The sound a melody of motion and power.

A rhythm of rock and a pulsation of life.

The lifeblood of so many.

These mountains were alive.

IMG_7605IMG_7563 IMG_7555IMG_7676



I guess peace comes to me from the calmness I harness from the mountains.

It is not a complicated relationship.

The simplicity of silence and texture of the setting sun, is a tonic I drink often.

I simply sit and watch.

An ease of mind.

An attachment to place.

A presence of mind.

A communion with the holiness of nature.


In the evenings we came together under the nighttime sky.  We collected our firewood and cooked our evening meals.  We laughed our kiester’s off at each other’s triumphs and failures in life.  We know each other so well.  We are bonded with our common love of nature and our desire to live a simple and fulfilling life.


This is us.

Brother and Sister.


Coming together to share in the aliveness of this beautiful earth of ours.



8 thoughts on “ALIVE

  1. every photo.
    every word.
    just. so. powerful.

    and yes, that big sky country. ain’t nothin’ like it.

    LOVE to you!
    thanks for sharing your adventure….in the absorkas.


  2. Oh Hannah, this is beautiful. All I want to do these days is walk and walk and walk. In the wild places. Alone. Silent. In Awe. I have been able to do a lot of this lately, with Kiva in school again. But what I really need is a long backpack trip. Just me and my coyote and my slim little backpack. Ah. What a treat your post was. Thank You. Kerry

    • Kerry,

      I thought about you a lot on this trip. You would love the freedom of these mountains. It’s just all very raw and real. I’m so glad you are getting a little time to yourself, you deserve it.


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