This Little Forest Life


This Little Forest Life

Oh, you know

It’s the stuff of dreams.

A forested slope of chartreuse needles

backed up with the ebony of burn.

I leave my earthen berm cabin with a rucksack prepared for adventure.

Today, we will head West.

With the dogs in tow, we take the path of the sun

A path traveled often,

But an adventure so unknown.

One with footprints of Ponderosa, Douglas-Fir, Ceanothus, Elderberry, Bracken Fern and Ladyslipper alike.

One with scent of the lone wolf, hoofed moose, cinnamon bear, wryly coyote and perky dear, all the same.

I follow the footsteps of those layed before me.


I cannot say why

I will not tell you no

I follow my heart

I know the way


A way not taught,

but instead a rhythm of magic told by notion.

This little forest life suits me well, I whisper quietly to myself, at the base of my beloved Ponderosa.

One does not choose destiny, instead one adheres to living the life paved in stones of sediment and time.

This is my little forest life.




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