The Elegance of Country Evenings


I have been out and about and thoroughly enjoying myself these last few weeks.  I am usually not a night person, but have recently switched my daily habits, to those more akin to owl or cougar.  A nocturnal flare, lighting my way to the happenings of the dusk forest world.  An invitation from the trees, to join in on a supper of golden light and sweet pine needle essence.  A howl from the wolves to step from the threshold of my mountain meadow, into the nether-lands ruled by moose, coyote, bear and deer.  A reminder to experience.  A time for myself.  A quiet hour to commune with my natural surroundings.  The sweet summer hours of evening beauty.

So elegant.  So soft.  So warm.  So sweet.  So beautifully golden.

IMG_6839IMG_6786IMG_6792IMG_6891IMG_6885IMG_6896IMG_6902This little country life, it suits me well.


6 thoughts on “The Elegance of Country Evenings

  1. golden hour. beautiful hour. my favorite time of day, any time of year. except maybe early summer morning, the evening’s sister. xxx

  2. gorgeous. i’ve been enjoying the evenings too, the late hour when the sun sinks low, me and the pup striding through the trees and splashing in the sea.

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