In Honor of Those Lost

In Honor of Those Lost

This is my beautiful sister-in-law, she is a true fire babe. A woman of the trees, of the land and of the earth. She risks her life every time she selflessly steps out of the truck to protect our land and our homes from the blaze of wildfires . Please keep all firefighters in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days, weeks and months as fire season is upon us. Our small fire community suffered a tremendous loss yesterday, with the deaths of 19 wildland firefighters. A loss that has shaken all of us down to our deepest core. I must reiterate previous words, and say again that these individuals are extraordinary, selfless and truly beautiful people inside and out. PLEASE PLEASE pray for their safety and send all your warmest thoughts and positive energy to the families and loved ones that lost someone yesterday.

If you would like to help, the best support is to donate to the Wildland Fire Foundation, as all proceeds go directly to helping the families of those who have lost.


10 thoughts on “In Honor of Those Lost

  1. Thank You Hannah. Prescott is mourning hard right now; our friends lost their lives doing the work they believed in so strongly. My heart is broken for my friends who have died and the lovers and mothers and fathers and children and siblings left behind. Hug your loved ones tightly. And my thoughts are with you and your little fire community during these dry, dry days. Take Care.

    xoxo Kerry

    • Kerry, Your fire family is heavy on my mind through these rough days ahead. Your support and care for those families, I know is so appreciated and invaluable. Stay strong sweet woman, we (our North Cascades fire community) are always here if you need anything at all. You, your husband and your family all be safe. XX

  2. What a terrible loss. I’m so sorry for you, your friends and fire-family.
    Sending strength on the breeze.

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