A Wildness to the Days


**Forest thoughts**

Time does not appear to create itself in the forest, instead I see it as merely a reflection of the millions of tiny forest light refractions, caught in a timeless dance of whimsical notes.  The kind of light you see as the sun is cresting the ridge-line, westward in motion and dipping lower towards earth, creating a million pyramidal hexagons of cosmic shine.  I try and capture these shapes and movements, reaching out with my hands, a motion of gesture and gratitude, taking hold of a few to bottle up for later.  I find an unrivaled sense of comfort from being in the woods.  A home away from home…or a perfect place to call home.

The forest operates on a sacred code of union.  One in which all are united under the common intent of survival and longevity.  Not unlike us, but yet so unlike us.  The forests’ energy system is networked and linked by an underground system of sharing.  An incredible communion of both life and energy.

As I sit here writing this, far away from any trail, road or structure I cannot help but be a little jealous.  A jealousy rooted in the desire to create this same synchronicity in my own life.  Whenever I am in the forest, I always take the time to let me hands graze the living.  It makes me feel so alive.  So wild and so free.  An effort to glean light and energy from their growth.



I take the time to stand beneath the grandfather Ponderosa to absorb the sweet essence of vanilla cream-soda, a scent and flavor intrinsically one with my childhood.  I love the Poderosa, I really do.  I love its cinnamon colored bark, so often charred with the tales of fire and years of wisdom.  I love its hunter green and chartreuse pom like needles.  I love the lime green lichen that hangs from its branches and trunk, telling the story of what the previous winter had been.  I love the upward spiral of growth, the ability to be so unified with both earth and sky.  I love the Ponderosa, I really do.  But, I also love the beautiful and bold Douglas-fir, the elegant and slender Larch, the effervescent Cedar, the whispering Willow, the sprouting Alders, the quaking Aspens and the steadfast Hemlock.  I love them all, I really do.  I am a creature of the forest, of the mountains, and of the land.  I let the river feed my desire to always explore further.  To always reach out for more.  I liken myself to a forest, I really do.

A path unpaved.

A story untold.

A destination reached by footsteps.

A journey to live.

This little forest life, it suits me well.



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