Head to the Forest



Head to the forest when nothing else makes sense. Stand beneath the lumbering giants and ask to remember the simplicity of life and the ease of days. Ask them to wash your worries free. Stand silently and reach for their crowns. Observe the life of the forest.

One of rising,
and nurturing.

The forest is here to give, participating in a cycle of life we often do not take the time to see. The tree provides homes for squirrels and birds. The tree lets the lichen dangle from its’ trunk and branches. The tree offers you wood to build and heat your homes. A life which provides so much for others.

As I stand beneath the trees I feel reconnected with myself. I feel my spirit being washed clean, and I remember why I am here. Let this necklace be a simple reminder to you, to stand beneath the trees and remember the things of importance for you. A simple act of peace and gratitude.




XX, wild forest beauties


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