Morel Hunting With the Girls

IMG_6029I took part of a day off to go out with a few girlfriends to look for morels.  The time off was well worth it, and the morel bounty was incredible!!  It was so fun to be outside chatting, gathering, laughing and just having a really fun time.  I felt as if we had traveled back in time, and we really were pioneer women, hunting and gathering our bounty to bring home to our tribe.  A beautiful bond between women, earth and people.

We headed to a spot that one of the girls had been on a wildfire on, the previous year.  Her intel proved to be right, as there was no shortage of morels.  We all stuck together for a little while, letting our morel noses lead us to each successive patch.  Each with our totes-in-tow, we slowly meandered and covered the hillside, as if we were trained morel hunting pigs scouring the ashen earth for that next gold treasure.

IMG_6049 IMG_6041 IMG_6037Growth from ash.

Life after death.

Barren and dark.

Alive and flourishing.


A cycle of life,

a continuation of being,

a knowledge of the land,

a skill not to be lost,

treasures not to be taken for granted,

and always remembering to give back what you take.

IMG_6036 IMG_6047These small collections and deliberate moments remind me why this connection to the earth is so important.


One thought on “Morel Hunting With the Girls

  1. Awesome. I would love to morel hunt one day. They can be found on the island but are tricky to find, and wildfires are a rarity here.

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