A Wonderful Week


My has time flown by!!  I grew accustomed to Idaho time this winter, which turns out, moves a lot slower than Washington time.  My days have been filled to the brim, like having a glass that is constantly full and refreshingly sweet.  I would not say that time management is my strongest quality, so it has taken a bit of adjustment to have such a full schedule again.  Here are a few highlights from my wonderful week:

1.  Celebrating my one year wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband.

2.  Celebrating two birthday dinners for my wonderful mother-in-law….and getting to see and visit with all sorts of family!

3.  Having our annual first of the season barbeque at our house…and having one of our friends show up to dinner on his tractor!

4.  Attending our Methow Valley rodeo with some of our best friends.

5.  Getting to meet all sorts of new and wonderful people while selling at the local Farmer’s Market.

6.  Having so many of my wonderful and amazing friends come down to visit and support me at the market.

7.  Spending an entire day outside hiking with my husband to celebrate our one year anniversary.

8.  Sitting on our patio with a glass of red wine, simply staring into our sea of trees, thinking just how lucky I really am.


While I grew accustomed to a hermits’ life this winter, I realize how sweet the presence of friends really can make life.  I feel grateful for this life, so very grateful.


I wanted to share with you the vows I wrote to Patrick one year ago.

Happy Anniversary True Love.




You are the most incredible individual that I know.  Your ability to love and care for not only me, but all those around you is a trait that could truly bring peace to all.

Your cool presence calms my fire.

Your steady hands and strong arms allow me to climb mountains, so high!

Your deep and slightly country voice empowers me to do the most magical things.

Your endless supply of love and laughter is like water from the heavens, providing nourishment for my soul to grow into the most fruitful garden.

Your perfect love allows my dreams to live.

Patrick, when I am with you I see the flowers open from bud to beautiful blossom, I hear the giant tree fall silently onto the forest floor, I taste the freshness of morning dew on new spring grass and I hear the two love birds quietly chirping love sonnets to one another.

You and I are a work in progress, as friendship and love is not a book you finish, our love is a shape-shifter, a garden to be tended, a working title, a wholly and remarkably un-casual thing.

And, for all these reasons Patrick Parker Button, I promise to make 2 rusted red rocking chairs for us to sit in, while we drink sun tea and I call you my husband and you call me your wife.  I will hold your hand and watch our life grow from the seeds we sow into a land so rich we could feed all with the bountiful soulfulness we will produce with our love.

I will be your sanctuary, your tender, your best friend, and your always lover.  I will embrace and love your family as my own family.  I will forever be loyal to you and will speak the truth to you in the language of love.  This is my promise, made in love from my soul, kept in faith, lived in hope and eternally made new.


Wishing you all a wonderful week.



8 thoughts on “A Wonderful Week

  1. I love that you love it here and as Patrick said at Alyssa’s 3rd birthday party (as you witnessed at on the family video!) my only wish is that my family (which now of course includes you) will be with me forever and ever!!

  2. Hey there woman! I’m so excited to think that we will be farmer marketing at the same time (Saturdays?) I am starting June 15th and it will be my first season as a seller. I have been going to the same market for more than 10 years!

    I wish I could stop by your booth for a visit. I would buy you a bouquet of local lovelies and set them in a vase on your table, give you a hug and have a chat. so happy for you. Congratulations to you and your Patrick. xoxo

    • Hi sweet lady! I will be thinking about you at your beautiful Arizona market, selling all your wonderful antler pieces. It has been SO fun going to the market, I’m sure you will love it. I would also stop by your booth and bring you a wild bouquet of wonderful wildflowers. Thank you for always being so sweet. XX

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