This Little Forest Life

Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heavens.

-Rabindranath Tagore

PB and I are unpacking the last boxes, arranging the house plants, shaking out the sheets and finally starting to feel a little more settled in.  We finally had a day together to just stroll around our new little slice of heaven. My breath has been taken away from me at just how lucky we are to be here…to be able to have this experience together.  We have the extraordinary opportunity to live on a co-worker of PB’s property this summer.  This little chunk of land lies right at the transition of wildflower filled hills, mountain meadows and densely forested slopes.

As I wake in the morning I draw my bedroom curtains open to be greeted by quaking aspens, weeping willows, sparkling creeks and grass filled meadows.  I look left to see the hummingbird dancing to and fro on the lilac.  I look right to watch the play of my hounds in the creek that blesses my new front yard.  I look straight to admire the beauty and bounty of nature’s thickly greened forests.  I am surrounded by nature’s beauty.  Literally surrounded.

We now sit on the fringe of the National Forest and are encompassed by rocked walls and thickly treed slopes.  This little earthen berm cabin that we are in, is just perfect for me.  It is open and light and extraordinarily peaceful.  It is kept warm by a modest wood burning stove, that I have fondly taken to.  This is the first home we have had with a wood burning stove, and I do not think there is anything quite like it.  As I sit here and write this, I hear the faint pop and crackle of the wood combusting into heat.  That give and take of growth and life.  Of service and nurture.  A cycle to always be a part of.

Everyone is happy here.  Our youngest dog has taken fondly to perching himself high on the stone steps to keep a watchful eye on the forest during the day.  This little nook is frequented and loved by moose, bear, coyote, wolf, cougar and deer.  It provides a lush and hospitable habitat for all forests’ creatures.  I love getting visits from natures’ creatures, but I do appreciate the protection and company that my dogs provide for me.   This little forest life, it suits me well…

IMG_5302 IMG_5304 IMG_5307 IMG_5315 IMG_5323 IMG_5337 IMG_5345IMG_5347 IMG_5339 IMG_5349 IMG_5352IMG_5353Tomorrow I will head to my new shop first thing…I cannot wait…it is so beautiful!  I know good things are coming…I can feel it tulips…hope you are well.



4 thoughts on “This Little Forest Life

  1. how beautiful!
    your soul will grow and expand into its wooded surroundings.
    can’t wait to see what this move into the forest does to your creativity….!

    • You MUST come visit!! You guys would just love it here at our new place. The dogs can roam free and play all day!! We will be up here for awhile, so come anytime!! Hope you are enjoying your time down in the Southwest! XX

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