Truth be told, I am feeling a bit exhausted.  Moving really takes it out of you…sheesh!!  I really wanted to sit down this evening and write about how excited I am to be back here, but I feel at a loss for words.  I thought I would just share some photos of this reconnection taking place instead.



I have let myself reconnect with every fiber of this earth.  It feels something like letting a cascading mountain waterfall wash your old skin away, while the sun replaces it with a blanket of bokeh’d lights.  A series of fracturing and re-fracturing.

A complexity of stripping away the old and amalgamating the new.

An evolution of life and self…

Growth and awareness…

Change and routine…

Love and beauty…

I hope you are well buttercups.  I cannot wait to be done unpacking my new house, so I can show you around my new little slice of heaven.



4 thoughts on “Reconnecting

  1. Hannah, I am in love with the mountains and land there. I have never been to that part of the state, but from the photos, I am missing out. I cannot do without mountains that go on and on like that; mountains that reveal secrets around every tree over every pass. Such loveliness.

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