Small Collections and Deliberate Moments


Move with grace.

Act with heart.

Know with love.

As time channels forward, reflecting light and movement, it is known that moments do not create themselves, we do.  I like to collect things as I journey through my labyrinthine days.  Creating mosaic with movement and item.

A stone here.

A feather there.

Bones and memory.

Skull and story.

A picture to reminisce journey.  A reminder of this ethereal life.  A life lived to love and serve others.


I like to be outside…simply said.  I feel it is my way to connect with myself and my husband.  I feel we are most ourselves when we are out exploring and experiencing things together.  While I grow accustomed to long days, weeks and months without my husband…I know the days are sweeter when he is in my presence.

Honeysuckle and wild raspberry.

Sugar cane and tree ripened mango.

First kisses and stargazing.

Holding hands and skinny dipping.

These moments of love create this frame that we hold life within.  I want my life’s photo to be filled with days of…

brilliant sky,

soaring hawks,

tumbling rivers,

celestial mountain tops,

sweet friendships,

and forests of the wild.

As we are the creators of our own futures, I sometimes surprise myself at the power of writing this very own little life of mine.  This day, how shall it be filled?  This moment, am I living it to the fullest?  These small collections, do they really reflect my inner being?


…this is just a small little day of the life of a simple river girl…


IMG_4913 IMG_4947 IMG_4956 IMG_4969 IMG_5015 IMG_5027 IMG_5038 IMG_5050I intend to collect these memories and to live these moments…deliberately.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

XX, to ALL of you!


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