Honest Words To Live By

IMG_4735the last one.


These words won’t leave my heart tonight.

so very true.

IMG_4686especially the second and last one.


Jonathan Borofsky - My Mother’s Words (2010)

IMG_0430be more authentic.



so, so true.

IMG_0604IMG_0187IMG_0448 IMG_4445every dang thing.

From tonight’s dinner.

pretty much my life motto.


IMG_1655this just makes my little heart swell right up.

IMG_4071 IMG_2487nothing would be sweeter than if you were to let me.

IMG_4760you. me. now.

IMG_4608 IMG_0604every dang day.

keep that beautiful mind of yours open.

IMG_4751 IMG_4749

IMG_0760 IMG_3989

Beautiful Things by Andrew Frazer

I could not have done this without Patrick.  He is my favorite man. I love him.

I could not have done this without Patrick. He is my favorite man. I love him.

IMG_0520 IMG_0400


Finding old notes I’d written in my books.

**All wordings were borrowed from this website.  All photos are my own.  While, this is definitely not how I meant to spend my morning, somehow I felt I needed to spread my idea of love and life into the world.  After the quake of tragedy, I am also quite shaken.  I pray we all find solace and peace in our own way.  AND, thank you to my dear friend and amazing woman for always finding these snippets of beauty on the world wide web.**


7 thoughts on “Honest Words To Live By

  1. Have I told you lately how much I cherish reading your blog? How good it is to find a fellow traveler in the wild! Thank you for being a light in the world ❤

  2. OK. i tucked it all, each and every word and sentiment, into my heartpocket. now i’m sallying forth into the world….

    [i always love seeing “my” cup in your photos….just sayin’….]

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