Time With Family

IMG_4255I have gotten to spend a really lovely amount of time with my family lately.  There is something so simple, pure and easy about spending time with family members.  Life’s complications and hardships seem to drop away as you reminisce and laugh about how you called spaghetti…ba-sgedi, because you had a speech impediment, and how you blamed your imaginary best friend…the gril-grilla, for that time you picked all your sweet neighbors tulips to make a bouquet for your tree house, and how your Uncle and Grandpa lovingly let you paint their toe-nails with your new pretty-in-pink nail polish that you just received for your birthday :0!!

I love my family, and I love it even more now that it has grown into two families as I have married…and now three as we start to think about starting our own little family.  As I stroll down the trail today, hand-in-hand with my husband and our two dogs by our sides, I think to myself, just how lucky I really am.

IMG_4244IMG_4252IMG_4273IMG_4202IMG_4228IMG_4274 IMG_4276 IMG_4284


3 thoughts on “Time With Family

  1. Oh how I miss my westfalia van so. we had to sell it because the long (bumpy and sometimes non-existent) dirt drive out to the creek and mesa cabin nearly killed it. That van got us through many years of spontaneous wild adventures. I love the photos and, once again, you are awesome.


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