Blue Forest

This forest is different than the others. This forest is dominated by blue-bird skies and rich deep-brown soils. The animals look similar, you think to yourself, but when you look…really look… into their eyes, you sense something different. A magic of knowledge and wisdom. One gleaned from the earth and passed down from the generations. This magic is held in such revere to these animals and to these forest beings, its’ as if you can feel it, as it pulses through the air like a warm Chinook wind.

This forest is different from the others. This forest is an amalgamation of desert and earth, of creek and mesa, of evergreen and duff and of enchantment and wisdom. This forest holds all the forests’ secrets and desires, it is the all-knowing and all-seeing being. This is the place we all desire to come to….The Shang-ri-la. The place of ultimate beauty and lust.

Blue. Earthy. Woodsy. Organic. Raw. Simple. Natural. Rustic.




7 thoughts on “Blue Forest

  1. Hi Hannah,
    I met you at the Twisp Farmer’s Market this morning and was chatting with you about the type of handbag I would love for you to make for me! I wandered over to your website and have enjoyed your photos and writing. Just beautiful, your writings and artwork, you are so talented. I look forward to seeing you again soon. I will send you an email also.
    Take care,

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