Back From a High Place

IMG_4088 IMG_4104I have just returned from a place that’s existence stems from the crystalline structures that define purity.  A raw and unrivaled beauty.  Mountains that rise straight from the earth.  Trees scatter the hillsides, creating a mosaic of song and sound.  Rivers and creeks that meander and babble down that trail of unknown.  The song birds sing.  The deer wander and graze.  The bears awake from a long winter slumber. You and I, we visit to explore.  Nature waits for no one, we must go experience her bounty for ourselves.


Whenever I return from these trips, I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and re-spirited.  It is as if I leave my home with a canvas that is already full; of ideas, of tasks, of duties…filled with the days we call life…and when I return this canvas is free to be filled again.  It is painted over with that blue-bird blue.  The kind of blue that exults us to greatness with a new day break.  It is telling me, that this is my new sky.  A chance to write my story over again.  To continue on with my adventures and multifarious meanderings.


I have enjoyed my time here in Idaho in such a pure and innocent way.  This place, this time, it has allowed me to accomplish so many things that I am so very proud of.  Was it the place?  Was it the availability of time to become more myself?  Was it the wildness of my little straw bale cabin on the Snake River?  I do not claim to know or to understand how this journey we call life works.  I have realized how in control we are of our own destiny though.  And, what the power of letting our dreams and our creativity run wild can really accomplish.

At the end of this month, we will be packing up our little house here on the river and moving into a lovely cabin in the woods.  We will return to another extraordinarily special and beautiful place we have called home in Washington for a long time.  I am so eager and excited to get back to the land of evergreen’s and cascading granite mountains, but also incredibly sad to leave my space here.  Do I want too much in life?  Should I be able to have it all?

What I do know, is that this transition of life and seasons is allowing me to grow.  It has allowed me to express myself in notes of color, texture and story.  I get to put out my cotyledon green, yet again.  I will add to my story of life, my story of existence and coming to be.  I can’t wait for it all to happen, and look forward to receiving that blue-bird canvas yet again.


“I want to think again of dangerous and noble things.  I want to be light and frolicsome.  I want to be improbable and beautiful and afraid of nothing as though I had wings.”

– Mary Oliver

IMG_4111 IMG_4110 IMG_4103 IMG_4101 IMG_4100 IMG_4087 IMG_4081 IMG_4077 IMG_4075 IMG_4073 IMG_4071

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