New Reading Material

I love that moment when you finish a book you have just loved.  I set down that beautiful compilation of prose and heart, and think to myself, will I ever love a book as much as this one?



I have loved, I mean really loved, the last few books that I have read.

All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy

The Meadow by James Galvin

This House of Sky by Ivan Doig, and

Where Rivers Change Direction by Mark Spragg

I know I have mentioned some of them before, but these books touched me deeply, so I thought it important to mention them again.  Sometimes you read something and it really becomes a part of you…you know?  When I read an author that I feel a connection to, it is hard for me not to fall in love with them.  To feel connected to their story and to their life.  To wonder what it was in their life that provided them with a passion for story telling, a skill that I really believe to be so important.  A wonderful way of communicating and sharing.

I always love receiving recommendations for books.  Have you all been reading anything that has left a flutter in your heart lately?

IMG_3850 IMG_3824

Besides reading, I have been busy sketching and composing all sorts of new goodies in my little straw-bale workshop.  The days have had a nip to them as the wind blows through my little river valley.  I have been drinking LOTS of this tea, I’m quite surprised I have not turned fuschia!  I have been listening to Scott H Biram, Bjork, Lindi Ortega and Zoe Muth pretty much non-stop.  I have been living in flannel and corduroy and have mainly eaten rice and beans, canned pickled vegetables and eggs for a month and a half now.  I have a tendency to jump on a band wagon and stay on it, until I decide to jump on a different one.  I wear my jeans to shreds, until PB kindly says, why don’t you go ahead and replace those there jeans 🙂  I like same-ness, but thrive on new-ness.  I run the same route for weeks, until I run a new route for weeks.  These patterns, these habits, these quirks, I guess they are just who I am.

Happy Friday spring chickens!



6 thoughts on “New Reading Material

  1. i have a copy of “where rivers change directions” on my shelf….purchased years ago when first published and signed by the author.
    we read the same, you and i, we drink the same.
    i live on same-ness ’til i find another direction. then i live it ’til beat into the ground.
    i love my life. life is good.

  2. I tend not to read a lot of fiction, but I’m intrigued by ‘The Meadow’. My all time favorite book is ‘Pilgrim at Tinker Creek’, by Annie Dillard I’ve read it so many times, the pages are falling out. Her curiosity is contagious.

    • I am really excited to break into Pilgrim at Tinker Creek next! She is such an amazing woman. I hope you enjoy The Meadow, it was a recommendation from a friend and I fell in love with it.

  3. I love Cormac McCarthy. His works exude a dry, gritty, raw feeling that I can’t help to imagine was pervasive in southwestern culture during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. As a Vermonter, the Border Trilogy is a window into a world that is not often thought about for me.

    On a completely different note, The Road (also by Mr. McCarthy) is one of my favorite books (I am a apocalyptic fiction junkie). I highly recommend it.

    • Cormac McCarthy is just amazing. He does write with such grit and rawness. The Road was incredible albeit extraordinarily intense for me to read. Such suffering, but such love. Thanks for stopping by!

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