Cowgirl Dreams

Cowgirl Dreams


Cowgirl Dreams

While some were inside playing with dolls and easy-bake ovens, the rest of us were outside huntin’ craw-dads, fishing in the ponds and building forts with hay bales. This belt is for either one of you, for the both of you. But, it will definitely bring out the craw-dad huntin’, sass-a-frassin’, bare back riding cowgirl that lives inside of you!

One part boho. Three parts gypsy. And a whole lot of cowgirl!

Honky-tonk be-donky-donk!!

**A really unique and beautiful aqua terra jasper set into leather with antique finished rivets.

Wild About Turquoise: Leather and Turquoise Skinny Belt


For all you cowgirls out there.  For all you girls that just love to have a good time!

XX Wild thangs!


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