Sunday Morning Routine


I do not know if it is so much a routine, but maybe more a habit of sequencing events together.  Days, hours, minutes and seconds have all seemed to blur into one since starting this new chapter in my life.  Whereas Sunday used to be a “weekend” it has now become another beautiful day open for creation, adventure and exploration.

I spend a few extra moments in bed this morning.  We had a cold front move through last night and the wind rattled and vibrated through my thickly contoured straw bale walls.  I was up most of the night, not so much restless, but just enjoying the sound of nature mixing all of her ingredients together.  It was as if she was out there with a giant mixing bowl and whisk, making a batch of muffins out of leaves, soil, sand, feathers, twigs and river water.  She left no item out of these muffins, the earth was alive and the pure energy of movement created heat equal to that of fire.

If I can, I enjoy letting my body wake when it is ready.  Some days this works in my favor, and other times it sets me back a bit.  My choice is always early to bed and early to rise.  I like to have my energy synced to that of the earths’.  To ride the wave of sunrise to sunset.  To feel the pulse of that upward and westward movement of the sun across my great desert sky.  To drink the suns’ light as fuel and let this radiance be a part of my day.  To transfer this feeling of aliveness into my work, letting it reflect who I am and the environment I am from.

I make my way down from my lofted bed, climbing our wooden ladder down to our cool grey floors.  Both dogs run over to me and share good morning kisses.  I love how excited dogs are to see you…ALWAYS!! These two are my most loyal companions.  PB leaves often for work and in his long absences I am so grateful for my dog’s companionship.  We have our morning routine down pretty good, these two and I.  Outside to the bathroom.  Breakfast.  Back outside for a little romp.  Back inside for a mid-morning nap.


My chartreuse green tea kettle whistles on the stove.  I take out my favorite coffee that my mother-in-law sends us from our Washington home.  I am not particular about many things, but I do have a special affinity for good coffee.  I grind the beans whole and put them in my favorite french press that PB got me when I graduated college.  It is the perfect size for me when I am making coffee for one.  I love the way coffee smells as the hot water hits that fresh grind.  I bring it close and waft its steam to get a little hit of that brilliant scent.  I have a peculiar habit of smelling things.  I often wonder if I am accommodating for another sense that is not as great…

I strut around with my camera for a few moments capturing that morning light that we all hope to be a part of.  I know just what I am to do today…

IMG_3684 IMG_3672

Happy Sunday to all of you!!



7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Routine

  1. Hannah,
    This is my favorite one yet. I will often stay awake listening as well. What a great description. Your entry has made me miss you and love you even more.
    The earrings arrived. Beth is trying to claim them! Not yet! Thank you very, very much.
    I will fix that cinnamon mint shortage you have going on there in ID.
    I love you, my sweet niece.
    Aunt Jane

  2. Nice!! Thank you for sharing your morning with everyone! It makes you seem closer than you are. Spring is here too. It blew really hard last night. John, Alyssa and I went to a friend’s house for dinner last night. She has a ranch in Conconully. I will post pictures on facebook later. It is the perfect ranch for your family ranch. Room for everyone and everyone’s projects. I envisioned all of you there!!

  3. You are such a beautiful writer, Hannah. I hope you and Patrick are doing well, and the dogs too, of course 🙂

  4. i love this post. your words make me want to laze about in bed and wake only when i’m ready.
    cannot do that, though, except when on holiday from work. [lucky *you*!]
    those feet.
    that fern.
    the scent of coffee.
    i’m there with you!!


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