March…in like a lion

IMG_0524It is true.  March has come.  I left my house this morning with my usual winter running attire, but immediately got to hot as the sun peeked out behind the clouds.  I ditched my jacket, hat and gloves and headed up the hill.  As I crested the last switch-back I was roared at with thunder, lightning, hail and sideways rain!! The lion says spring is coming…and I say let it come!!  Rawr!! 🙂


I had to leave for a little bit.  It is important to remember where you came from…whom you came from.  My roots are sunk deep into fields of cotton, soy, corn and grit.  Towns as big as a minute and people with hearts so full of love, support and gratitude it almost crushes you as it comes to wrap its’ arms around you.  This is pure.  It is hard-working, blue-collar, middle-class America.  I am PROUD to be hailed from here.



As I journeyed west to mid-west and back west again, I am surprised and aware of how many choices I have made in my short life.  I wonder if I would be happy with a different existence than the one I have today?  I yearn for things simple in nature.  Things pure of essence and grand in heart.  I know little, but am sure of the little I know.

I am reminded of the absence of those that are no longer.  This breaks my heart, but gives me the courage to continue.  I am not a woman of religion, but rather a woman of you…  I know right from wrong, and chose love over hate.  People will do what they do and it is upon me to offer love and forgiveness.



I know I am home again when I am surrounded by the grandeur of the west.  The aroma of the evergreens, the lightness of freshly fallen snow, the majesty of granite, the suppleness of sand, silt and clay.  The ability to drive for miles and miles and miles and not see another soul.  To lace my favorite green hiking boots, pack a lunch, grab the dogs, head out the door and know an encounter with a coyote, antelope, elk or deer will be far more likely than the sighting of another homosapien.

I realize I would be happy if I lived a life different from my own…but know I would be the happiest here…where I have chosen to be.  Living a life connected to the earth, shared with others and surrounded by beauty.

IMG_3207 IMG_3186 IMG_3169


6 thoughts on “March…in like a lion

  1. Love this.
    I hope your travels were safe, happy, and soul filling. Good to have you back.
    Be well, beauty.

    • It is good to be back!! I thought about you as I headed east. Some day I am going to travel far and wide in your land with my VW and take photo after photo of all your beautiful barns and homesteads! XX blue-bird

    • Thank you lady. The smallness of towns in the mid-west is different than our small towns here in the west. I’m glad you liked my reference, I thought it described them well. Thanks for being here beauty.

  2. i love this….all your feelings rolling out into your words….and the photos….i love the photos.
    and i love you.
    we are from the heartland, from the same people who were born and raised in the land of corn and soybeans. of course we would be happy with whatever life we have been given. because we know what a gift it all is.

    there you went. here you are. i’m glad to know you.


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