Days Filled With Color

Sometimes I think I live in a time warp.  I always start the day with grand intentions and lots of goals…and the all the sudden the day is over, it is 7:50 pm, I still have not eaten dinner, I have a pile of unfinished pieces and a pile of failed projects…and I have NO idea what just happened…are we really sure there are 24 hours in a day…sometimes I wonder!

Well, amongst chaos and time warping I did happen to finish a few things for you!  More to come tomorrow, I promise, but I better get some dinner soon…

Enchanted Forest Clutch



Creek and Mesa Clutch



The Gypsy Pouch


Be well beauties!



4 thoughts on “Days Filled With Color

  1. O my goodness, they are awesome! did you know my original website was “creek and mesa” it was named for where I lived for six years: between juniper mesa wilderness and apache creek wilderness. my horses are still there and I spend two days a week walking in and between those two wilderness areas. I saw it and thought “it’s mine!”
    love, Kerry

  2. love them all, each and every. ‘specially the turquoise-zipper gypsy pouch!

    i hear ya’ on the days, especially now that i am on holiday from work. just not enough time to do all i want to do!


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