Ponderosa Pine Tree Dreams

Little Cabin In The Woods Purse


When I first moved over to the East side of Washington, which is dominated by pine forests, I remarked one day as I was out hiking with my mother-in-law, “I am totally in love with these open ponderosa pine tree forests!”. She still teases me to this day, but it is true, I am totally in love with ponderosa pine tree forests. I am in love with the vanilla cream soda smelling bark, the pom-pom needles, the girth and grandeur of their thickly barked trunks, and the crispness of mid summer needles on the forest floor. I love that you can see all around, but be covered and protected by the tall canopy. I am fond of collecting the seeds from their cones.  A perfect day is one where I unpack my rucksack, toss out my blanket and sit and read in the forest of ponderosa’s.

This purse is not only an ode to your little cabin in the woods, but also to the ponderosa forests that surround your cabin. The trees that provide habitat for the song birds. The trees that provide you shade in the summer and protection in the winter. The trees that heat your homes after their time living is over. The tree is wise and humble. Simple and grateful. This is to honor you, beautiful evergreen giant.


10 thoughts on “Ponderosa Pine Tree Dreams

  1. Thank you for honoring the ponderosa pine. I live at the transition of pinyon/juniper and ponderosa/gamble oak. a mile up into the forest and I’m at doug fir. I LOVE this landscape and when I moved here I fell totally in love with the vanilla/butterscotch scent between the little nooks and crannies of the ponderosa bark. Thank You, Thank You!

    • Ahhh, those nooks and crannies are enough to send me into a complete delirium. The areas of transition that you live in are so special, because you get to experience so many micro ecosystems. XX

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