To Be On The Land

To be on the land, this is what I need.  A calling of my spirit, reaching its’ tendrils into the space beyond.  A yearning I feel deep within to connect with a life bigger than my own.

As the day draws to an end, I know it is time to step outside.  To leave the confines of my small straw bale home and venture down the trail, to the river, to experience the day.  I feel my equilibrium shifting from East to West.  Rising to the new day, capturing the morning light, drinking that energy of glow and newness.  My being is fed by what is provided to me from the land.  My work reflects what I have brushed up against as I walk step by step onto dirt paved with tracks and scents of others.  I need this.  I continue down the trail, heading no specific direction, but knowing my energy is following the sun as it travels west along the horizon.

I stop for a moment as I hear the owl hoo.  I call back to him and stand with my head cocked to the side.  Listening.  He calls back to me and I pivot on the heels of my broken in cowboy boots.  I think he is over on the other side of the river.  Over there is a mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees.  I wonder which one he is perched in.  I wonder if I was an owl, which I would live in.  I decide I would live in the evergreen fir tree.  A life surrounded by green and rich scent would suit me.

These days, these outings, my adventures, I guess it is not a choice but more a way of life.  As I am nearing the stage of life where decisions become greater than ones self, I wonder what sort of permanence I will root into the ground.  Will my dreams become reality?  Will my work continue to fulfill me and provide nourishment for my family and myself?

The truths tell me that the sun will rise in the east and set in the west.  The trees will purify our air, and the animals will fertilize our soils.  The river will irrigate our crops and be the lifeblood of the land.  I feel it is important to remember these truths and feel humbled by the life bigger than me.



2 thoughts on “To Be On The Land

  1. Beautiful! I enjoy reading about your thoughts and love the photos! I miss you all!! Poor Waylon still doesn’t sit on his ischial tuberosities! I love the Pendleton Wool in the background!

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