Cotyledon Beginnings and No Mountain Too High

Cotyledon Beginnings




To begin.  To put out your first leaves, as if you are spreading your wings for the first time.  Every year when I begin growing my plants to go into the garden I yearn for the moment when the seed I tenderly plant in the soil breaks through and sends out that first shoot of growth.  The cotyledon is the first pair or whorl of leaves that a plant puts out.  These earrings are for celebrating growth and strength.  To marvel at the transition of seed to plant.  A plant that will feed and nourish your body.  No small feat.

No Mountain Too High




To climb a mountain is a test of will and strength.  To know the vigor and power within you.  To experience raw and unrivaled beauty.  To go out of your comfort zone and brush up against the edge.  These earrings are to remind you that there ain’t no mountain too high for you.  A testament to your own will power and determination.  To push the limits and grow from within.

XX beauties.


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